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By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Monday, 20 Nov 2017 15:34 PM / No Comments / 3163 views

20 November 2017


A 40-YEAR-OLD Budiriro man, who claimed to be a virgin, says his mother is responsible for the misfortunes in his life.

Joel Mandizha hauled his mother Sarah Chikore before Harare civil court magistrate Lazin Ncube seeking for a protection order as he accused his mother of bewitching him.

“Your worship l am seeking for a protection order against my mother because she is the reason why l am not married.

“I am a virgin since I never got married and no one loves me. I am a man just like other men, I need a woman by my side.

“I try by all means to get one but all my efforts are in vain. I even consulted prophets and they told me that my mother is responsible for that,” said.

Mandizha said he feels ashamed among other men since he is not married at the age of 40.

“I am still a virgin at the age of 40, its not normal Your Worship. Other men laughs at me.

“I do not even know how to make love with a woman because l never had one since my teenage life.

I do not want to die a virgin. I also want to experience how it feels to sleep with a woman.’’

In response, Chikore said:

“I am opposed to the order Your Worship because he is a liar.

“How can l do something evil to the person who l gave life? He is a coward Your Worship he cannot look for a woman to marry now he is blaming me for all this.

“Your worship I am also worried about my son l don’t even know why he is thinking that l bewitched him.’’

“I asked him several times to consult prophets together but he refused but I am surprised to hear that he consulted prophets without my knowledge. His prophets are misleading him.”

The presiding magistrate granted protection order in Mandizha’s favour.

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