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‘8 months no sex’

By Sandra Saungweme / Published on Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 16:11 PM / No Comments / 4893 views


17 October 2017

A GLENDALE woman has approached the court to resolve her sex life.

Patricia Chakadeya appeared in court seeking a protection order against her violent husband Samuel Panganai who is also denying her conjugal rights.

“Your Worship, Samuel is my husband and we were legally married in 2013.

“The problem emerged in 2015 when he started having girlfriends.

“At first we tried solving our disputes with his aunt hoping for a change, but rather it worsened.

“He is always insulting me and I am being bashed each time abva kumahure ake.

“He once sent a text message saying haachada nezvangu and I should move on but I ignored it thinking that he was drunk.”

Chakadeya also complained that her husband has been denying her sex for eight months now.

In response Panganai denied all the allegations saying that he never sent that message.

“She is lying Your Worship, I do not insult nor assault her.

“I didn’t even send a text message divorcing her and social media can be manipulated.

“Marriage cannot be terminated with a simple text your Worship.

“She has a boyfriend and I stopped her from seeing him, so this protection order is meant to safeguard her affair with her boyfriend.

“She is just trying to cover for her infidelity,” said Panganai.

The presiding magistrate Sharon Tatenda Chipanga granted the protection order in favour of Chakadeya.

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