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A world gone mad

By Beatrice Tonhodzayi / Published on Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 20:14 PM / No Comments / 3707 views

21 September 2017

So the world has literally gone mad.

It has suddenly just gone belly-up and no one is a keeper of the next person anymore.

People are just doing whatever they want and to hell with the consequences. Well over the past few weeks we have all been seized with the issue about the children who have been getting raped by irresponsible and evil men who did not see anything wrong with what they were doing. In our ignorance and lack of wisdom; we started calling these children hookers and at times prostitutes or sex workers. Surely how can a child be referred to as a sex worker or as a loose someone?

At which point do children become old enough to make decisions about sex? Do they even know what sex entails? Do they even know that the implications of a relationships or what consent is about? I am a mother to a little girl myself. She is nine. Half the time I have to convince her to go and sleep at the same time because I know it is good for her. I have to convince her to bath or allow me to bath her at a certain time; because I know it’s good for her and yet she will scream, throw tantrums and at times even run away from me. She still needs me to tell her which dress to wear to church or to visit. She is a child.

So there is no way we can; as a society give children labels such as sex worker, hooker and prostitute. There is no way we can say children are engaging in sex work. NO WAY! The children are being sexually abused right in front of our eyes. The children are being emotionally abused right in front of our eyes and yet instead of looking at ourselves with a view to correcting the wrongs we have done as a people that sees our children selling sex and their souls in order to eat, we will instead bash the children by giving them labels such as hooker?

When we call children hookers what are we saying? Do we think that such children will ever have hope for redemption? Will these children ever be able to break the cycle of poverty that comes with such a life? Will they escape the cycle of death and disease? After all; when these children are raped by these dirty men, they are usually left with disease. The majority of times when these men rape little girls they also leave them infected with HIV. My heart breaks each time I go over the rape reports in our media. It is almost always the case that the girls and women who are raped or who have sex with a man who is not an equal with them; they are never given room to protect themselves. The power dynamics at play do not allow for any such.

Do you think there would be room for one to whip out a condom or even ask a rapist to use a condom considering the violence that is associated with these acts where a grown man sleeps with a 10 or 12 year old who is usually camped by the street side or the bush? Yes; they rape these children in bushes most of the time?

Surely just imagine the build of such a young child. Even their body would not be fully developed. Their organs would not be ready at all to accommodate a grown man. But in the case of these small little girls they are stretched through and through by not just one man but several men whose health status. They already are exposed to cervical cancer due to this early sexual debut while they are also exposed to early pregnancies which see some of them becoming parents before it is time.

The girls who become mothers while they are still babies themselves end up dying early while their babies also die in most cases because of lack of proper care. Those who survive may end up making it onto the streets as well where they are raped by grown men who say they are ‘hookers.”

I am writing today to appeal to our men and our conscience as a people. How can we watch while children line the streets selling sex? How can we watch while children fight with older sex workers for clients? How can we even label them while this continues to happen? Where is the law in all this? Where are our social protection arms? Where is the church? Where is the extended family? I am broken that we will actually normalize the abnormal in this manner. Surely we will call our children hookers and let them hook while we watch? Will AIDS ever end at this rate?
Men who pick up these children deserve castration or death. Nothing else would be suitable for such a person. They are murderers and deserve to die. We do not need such people on this earth. Families who leave children to fend for themselves are also just as bad. Let us look after the children please. Otherwise history will judge us.

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