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By Charles Mushinga / Published on Thursday, 23 Nov 2017 16:07 PM / No Comments / 5713 views

23 November 2017

Vimbai Musvaburi

POLITICAL activist and aspiring MP Vimbaishe Musvaburi embarrassed herself and the nation by leading a group of female activists and protest poet CDE Fatso to vandalise Meikles Hotel property in the name of celebrating CDE Robert Mugabe’s resignation on Tuesday.

The video of the isolated case of barbaric behaviour in a peaceful week that saw the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launch a successful ‘Operation restore order’ that led to peaceful protests and the eventual resignation of President Mugabe, was broadcast on Facebook by Daily Mail – who pay cash for videos on unique incidents.

Vimbai has been blasted all over social media for her barbaric behaviour and damage to private property which went against the spirit of the celebrations after President Mugabe’s resignation and Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Guveya Nyikadzino Chiwenga’s advice for Zimbabweans to observe law and order.

“Against the backdrop of the latest developments in our country, your defence and security services would want to appeal to all Zimbabweans across the political divide to exercise maximum restraint and observe law and order to the fullest.

“Our vaunted character and tradition as a peaceful and law abiding nation must now show in practical terms through unconditional observance of the law,” said general Chiwenga.

Vimbai, the outspoken activist wants to stand as an MP for Bulawayo South Constituency in the 2018 elections but has been told that her violent behaviour is unbecoming for an aspiring legislator.

Yesterday she went to Meikles Hotel following the backlash and apologised for her behaviour before going live on Facebook to proffer an apology. Below are some of the comments on Facebook and her eventual apology seemingly triggered by dozens of such comments . . .

Laureen Shirichena: twas very silly of them, why go around removing potraits even in privately owned places why didn’t they go to Kaguvi building?? Such behaviors shame the efforts put by many to get to where we are.

Martha Mangwiro-Magaisa What kind of an activist are you Vimbai? The people of Zimbabwe demonstrated peacefully and what the hell are you doing? That hotel is not Mugabe’s hotel even though what right do you have to do that? Shame on you


Emily Domhani That was uncalled for. The lady who ran out of the hotel with that is a political activist. They should have just taken the photo not the frame. That’s malicious damage to property


Ruvimbo Bibi Chimedza unacceptable behaviour the potrait was the hotels property to which the photo could have eventually been taken down and frame reused. if i was the hotel i would sue the lady.. embarrassing


Justice Mabuwa That’s malicious damage to property, you can be easily arrested for such be it a Tom and Jerry portrait or a portrait of a baboon eating mangoes. That’s illegal my sister. Be exemplary as an aspiring MP Vimbai!,. In as much as you hated the man, that’s not his property, it belongs to Meikles and they could have bought it for a huge amount of money and it’s a loss. Don’t be an example of bad things


Previledge Aluminyu Tt was was uncalled for, such behaviour isn’t gud at all, after all tt portrait is private property, the Hotel can sue u for that, be warned


Debra Massey He still part of the Zimbabwe story, destroying the portrait is not going to change that fact.
Rather learn from the mistakes and move forward

Gift Jay-Christopher Nyamuteya Someone could face vandalism charges for doing that. There are so many ways of celebrating this milestone without necessarily invading a workplace/business area to destroy private company property like that. Very irresponsible and uncalled for.


Slyson Ngwenya Mmmmm what the ladies did in the name of celebration is kind of barbaric and uncouth…the Meikles staffer is not necessarily preventing a celebration but as he is bound and obligated by rules and regulations at his work place…he may end up meeting the costs of the broken frame so that they can place the pic of the incoming president


Manyoni Natsai Charity Such behaviour from women is uncalled for. This may end up to looting from shops what I experienced yesterday it’s only done by BOORANGOMAS the ZNA did a splendid job in peace. Look at us!!!! Dzimwe anger ndedzokuonererwa. Kozonnzi takanetsa paMeikles app. He he ha

Honourable Knox Someone can be charged with theft and malicious damage to property be careful ma Zimba .


Vimbai’s apology:

“I would like to apologise to the citizens that look up to me
21 November was a day like no other and I acted out of emotion and I’m sorry
I’m at the Miekles hotel now and I have apologised to the management

“I need to (say) as a leader i do not condone any action that is bad . . . but i must say to you that, yesterday (Tuesday), if you were on the ground, the emotions that were expressed were not emotions that anybody would have expressed on any normal day . . . So what happened yesterday was (we were) a group of girls, activists obviously, and we were having interviews at The Meikles (Hotel) so as we left . . . the announcement had been made and we had run . . . we had cried and the next thing that we could see was the portrait (of President Mugabe) on the wall.

“Guys you have got no idea, the anger and the mixed emotions that were brought upon by that portrait.

“It is not a daily act . . . people are sending me images of comments on Olinda’s page, she has the right (to criticize) because of the actions that took place yesterday.

“But i must say i was very excited, i was happy he was gone and that wasn’t the right way to act, it wasn’t the right way to do it but however, the deed is done and I’m at the Meikles Hotel right now and i have apologized to the management . . . It is not something that i would do on any day so I’m sorry Zimbabwe for those people who follow me and i disappointed . . . but he is a man that i wasn’t happy with but for the sake of the Meikles Hotel, for their PR side, i do apologise.”


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