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AFM youth conference a success

By Wilson Kakurira / Published on Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017 17:25 PM / No Comments / 2319 views

11 April 2017



AFM youth in Zimbabwe president Dr Clever Gomba

YOUTHS should use the available resources at their disposal to start small businesses and should also continue to further their studies if they want to have a bright future.

These were the words of AFM International Youth president Sizwe Mlotshwa who was also the guest speaker at the recently ended inaugural “Catch the fire” International Youth Conference held at Rufaro in Chatsworth over the weekend.

“Despite the economic challenges that Zimbabwe is facing, we are encouraging not only our AFM youths but all the youths the world over to work as well as further their studies so that they become responsible future adults.

“The major problem we have with these young people of today is their love for instant money and instant growth. Their love for fancy cars and glamorous lifestyles is appalling.

“You need to work extra hard to get these things and if you ask those who have made it in life they will testify that nothing comes easy.

“You can start from the bottom as groups of ten youths selling airtime or taking photographs at events using small, cheap but effective cameras.

“If you have small pieces of land you can start some small agricultural projects but most of today’s youths do not want these kind of projects yet they can generate you enough money,” he said.

Added Mlotshwa:

“We are also aware of the HIV and AIDS scourge and that if we do not teach them about the abstinence they will lose their lives due to lack of knowledge.

“As the church we also have special sessions where we encourage our youths to know their HIV status, apart from knowing their status we want them to take care of their lives as well as to love those who are infected.

“Whether you have AIDS or not you remain a part of the society and therefore you deserve to be loved by us. We urge the youths not just to be “holy people” but also to show love and kindness to those who are infected as God encourages us to love one another as he loved us before we were even conceived.”

Meanwhile, the AFM in Zimbabwe Youth president Dr Clever Gomba said the conference was a success owing to the numbers of the youths who came from all corners of the world to grace the inaugural international youth conference at Rufaro.

“We are so much elated with the turnout of our local young people as well as youths from our member countries. The official opening of the conference was colorful with the procession being led by the ZNA band.

“Dubbed “Catch the fire” Youth International conference we had much of our focus on issues on HIV and AIDS, youths and technology, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, how youths should participate in community development and helping communities reduce crime levels.

“We have 38 countries out of the 41 which we expected but the attendance has improved by over 20 percent comparing it with our last years’ youth conference. The reason for that I would like to believe is because this conference is unique and most of the delegates who came here are from outside Zimbabwe.

“The conference was also well marketed not only on social media platforms but also in local newspapers and we are happy that thousands of young people came to attend the conference. We are so much humbled as AFM in Zimbabwe to host this conference as we were given the privilege out of 41 member countries.”

AFM donates to police camp


THE Apostolic Faith Mission youth donated furniture worth hundreds of dollars to Chatsworth Police Camp at the recently ended AFM International Youth Conference.

Before presenting the furniture, AFM in Zimbabwe president Dr. Aspher Madziyire applauded the young people for a job well done and urged them to continue with such generous gestures.

“Our youth department visited the Chatsworth Police Camp and realised that they had no furniture and it was not easy for the police officers at the camp to conduct their duties well.

“All youth leaders from all corners of the country decided to buy this furniture we are presenting here today so that our local law enforcers can have decent offices to work in.

“We are not only mandated to pray for the sick  as the church but it is also our role to donate to the needy as well as to develop the communities we are in,” he said.

Added Madziyire: “Our youth department is an integral part of our church, the backbone of our church and the country to be precise.

“Without the young people we do not have the future. The bible says train up your child when they are young so that when they grow up they will not depart from that way.

“This is the reason why we gather our young people here every year to train them while they are still young.

“Muti haudi kutasanura wakura unotyoka asi ukautasanura urimudiki unokura zvakanaka.

“We also encourage our young people to follow the correct procedure of getting married and wedding before they live together as husband and wife and also the benefits of being faithful to one partner. These are some of the major teachings we impart to our young people whenever we meet them.

“It is amazing that thousands of young people flocked here for this inaugural International Youth Conference despite the economic challenges we are facing as a country.

“This is a sign that our young people love God and I am certain that our future as the AFM church is bright because our young people know how important it is to revere God.”


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