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All set for Zi Dancehall second anniversary 

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Friday, 16 Mar 2018 18:40 PM / No Comments / 1360 views

16 March 2018

All is set for the second anniversary of the Zi Dancehall Empire’s two-year anniversary on radio celebrations set for the Mbare Netball Complex this Saturday.

The bash celebrates the Zi FM popular four hour dancehall show’s second year on the airwaves.

The show is broadcast every Saturday afternoon from 2-6pm with Abisha Palmer and Two Bad and the duo is expected to broadcast live from the Netball complex in the afternoon.

The potentially-exciting bash features an array of chanters like Jah Signal, Nutty O, Killer T, Seh Calaz, Killer T, Blot, Kinnah, Freeman, Dadza D and Tocky Vibes among many others will also incorporate Abisha Palmer’s birthday celebrations

“Everything is ready for the big day tomorrow and I am quite confident we will have numbers attending the bash.

“A lot of artistes have confirmed they are going to come and perform and the hype for the show in Mbare and some of the ghettos where there are several staunch supporters is very much alive,” said one of the organiser Abisha Palmer.

The event has also been endorsed by several artistes.

“I feel excited to be performing at the bash this coming Saturday, the Zi dancehall show has helped me and not me alone but several other artistes to become who they are today.

“Special thanks to Abisha and Two Bad for the show on radio.

“Top all Zim dancehall fans I say come in numbers, I will be there in full force said Jah Signal.

Kinna through his manager Marshall “Wadis” Bimha added:

“From day one Abisha and Two Bad have supported Zim dancehall music and we give thanks and respect for the support they have given to the genre and the rise of artistes through their show.

“This Saturday I assure all dancehall fans that Mr Mbare aka Kinna will be at the bash to give the fans a good time.”

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