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Arcadia residents on cleanliness

By Wilson Kakurira / Published on Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017 16:27 PM / No Comments / 1163 views

26 September 2017

Loice Magweba

RESIDENTS of Arcadia on Friday took it upon themselves to clean their suburb in a cleanup campaign sponsored by a well wisher, Loice Magweba.

Speaking to H-Metro on the sidelines of the cleanup campaign, Magweba said it is not only the duty of the city fathers to restore Harare to its Sunshine City status but every progressive resident should take responsibility by ensuring that they do not dump litter at undesignated areas.

“Cleaning our suburbs to me is an act of patriotism and is also socially important. Gone are the days when people used to wait for the City Council to clean their places of residents all the time while they don’t take responsibility for littering their communities.

“We have decided to clean our surroundings as residents of Arcadia, Braeside, Hillside, Craneborne and St Martins.

As a group we have chosen to be exemplary to other residents of Harare to show them that we all have a role to play in making Harare clean.

“As we approach the rainy season this garbage if it is not picked up and disposed properly it will block our drainage systems and roads and this will eventually cause road accidents,” she said.

Added Magweba:

“We have seen people embarking on cleanup campaigns in the CBD but this does not mean that there is no litter in our places of residents.

“Nobody will clean our communities better than us, this campaign is just the beginning and we will keep on cleaning our suburb when need arises.

“Despite all this efforts we are aware that other residents will continue to throw litter at undesignated places but as we go we will embark on educative campaigns where we will be teaching residents in an informal way about the importance of staying in clean environments.

“The youth, mothers and fathers of this suburb came in their numbers and for something that is just beginning I can only say this is an amazing start.”

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