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Ba Shupi, wife separate

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Friday, 22 Jun 2018 16:40 PM / No Comments / 2914 views

22 June 2018

Musician Ba Shupi – Peace Ndlovu – has confirmed reports that he has separated with his wife of four years.

Speaking to H-Metro, Ba Shupi said they are no longer together with Wadzanai Gumbo and there is no hope of them ever getting back together.

“Yes it’s true that we are no longer together and there are no hopes for us getting back together, we have been on and off for the past one and a half years and we are tired of going back and forth so I guess it’s time to just leave it,” he said.

Ba Shupi refused to shed light on the reasons behind the separation saying that they are both not ready.

“I don’t want to get into the details why we are no longer together because I would like to keep my life private and also it’s quite upsetting that our journey has already come to an end; she was very good for me as a PA and I wish it could be fixed but the truth of the matter is it can’t be fixed,” said Ba Shupi.

Ba Shupi also dismissed claims that he was seeing somebody else saying the claims were meant to destroy their marriage and it was through the rumours that their marriage had crumbled.

“It was just a rumour and there was no proof that I was seeing somebody else and those messages were created by people who wanted to destroy my marriage with Wadza and they have now succeeded and we are no longer together.

“We are still to formally get our marriage cancelled at the court but we are already on separation,” said Ba Shupi.

Wadzanai Gumbo tried to water down the issue:

“Is there something that’s happening that I am not aware off because I’m married to my husband? I would like to have a meeting with you, my husband and my lawyer to clear the air because as far as I am concerned, we are together,” said Wadzanai.

A proposed meeting with her lawyer failed to materialise yesterday.

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