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BancABC supervisor in scam

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Monday, 31 Oct 2016 17:12 PM / No Comments / 704 views

31 October 2016


A FORMER supervisor at BancABC appeared in court facing allegations of teaming up with his friend to dupe his employer in a salaries scam.

Tapiwa Denford Dangare is alleged to have defrauded his employer of nearly US$10 000, which he would transfer into Tizai Taizivei’s bank account.

Dangare and Taizivei were hauled to the Harare magistrates’ court charged with fraud.

The two were not asked to plead to the charges when they appeared before magistrate Bianca Makwande.

State counsel, Sebastian Mutizirwa had it that Dangare was the supervisor in the salaries processing department and his duties include monitoring, and authorization of salary batches.

He was also responsible for authorisation of cheque processing.

Circumstances leading to Dangare’s arrest were that in the banking system salaries are uploaded automatically in the system.

Some salaries might be rejected by the system and they would be posted into ‘reject suspense account’ where they would be manually posted to the beneficiary or returned to the sender.

Dangare’s duties involved monitoring the clerks, who would be handling the transactions, according to the State.

Accusations are that Dangare and Taizivei hatched to defraud their employer through the salary transactions.

They then reportedly agreed to use Taizivei account in which Dangare would instruct the clerks to post the rejected funds into the former’s account.

Reports are that on May 19 last year Dangare authorised a clerk to post US$3 086.72 into Taizivei’s account.

On July 23 of the same year Dangare also authorised the clerks to post US$1 725 before asking the clerks to post another US$400 into the same account on September 19 2015.

The court also heard that on October 9 2015 he also tasked the clerks to post US$500 before authorising another US$1 130 on October 3.

Dangare also allegedly authorised various amounts between October 16 and 31 of the same year totaling the amount to US$9 361.72.

The matter came to light leading to the two’s arrest while only US$586.95 was recovered.

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