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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 16:07 PM / No Comments / 4914 views

13 October 2016


. . . love messages discovered as wife showered


A HARARE couple’s marriage is on the rocks after the discovery of love messages between the woman and her lover.

Violet Jimu, 32, packed her belongings and left her husband Michael Kapesi in Mabvuku to live with her parents in Koala Park along Seke Road after she failed to defend her WhatsApp love messages with Taurai Mawonga.

The love scandal was exposed after Violet left her phone to take a bath leading to the discovery of the messages by Michael.


However, Violet’s father Shimisha Jimu stood firm in defence of her daughter’s love scandal after the issue was brought to his attention accusing Michael of living with his daughter without paying lobola.

Michael told H-Metro that Violet lied to him that she was constantly visiting her parents to help them in acquiring a residential stand when she was creating a chance to have quality time with Taurai.

“I smelt a rat and went through my wife’s mobile phone after she left to take a bath, akadzoka achimhanya akamonera mucheka and I refused to give her the phone,” said Michael.

“Taurai had sent a message written ‘ndakusuwa’ and realised it was the reason she lied to me that she was visiting her parents so as to find time with Taurai.


“I am the one who bought this phone for her and she is using it to hook up with boyfriends; she lied many times saying her parents want help when she was looking for opportunities to meet Taurai.

“I went on to chat with Taurai and I discovered that they have been having quality time and I later disclosed that he was chatting with me.

“He told me that he was not aware that Violet was married and this did not go well with me but what is hurting me is that her father is defending chipfambi chemwana wavo. I paid part of the lobola but he is demanding me to pay all his dues yekuroora pfambi here mukoma?

“My father-in-law must help in my marriage not fight in Violet’s corner,” said Michael.

Violet told H-Metro that Taurai was her friend but the way Michael took the issue is now forcing her into a relationship with him since he is living alone.

“Ndavakuzodanana naTaurai wacho nekuti haangatukirwe mahara; after all he is staying alone. I do not think he is married,” said Violet.

“I never fell in love with Taurai but he is only one of my friends but Michael took my mobile phone without permission and saw my private messages.

“He has no such right and went on to use vulgar language texting my father after all he only paid 200 Zim dollars tsvakirai kuno, mari iya yainge chocolate kana muchiri kuiziva asi ndine vana two naye mumwe wacho wetatu akashaika.

“I am now living with my parents and going to school. I will only reunite with him after he gives my parents their money for lobola,” said Violet.

Taurai denied cheating with Violet saying he knew Violet as one of their WhatsApp group members and never sent a message to Violet and Michael.

“I only heard through rumour that someone is accusing me of cheating with his wife but I never cheated with Violet,” said Taurai.

“I only know Violet as one of our WhatsApp group members and I never sent any love message to her. I also never exchanged messages over Violet with Michael,” said Taurai.

Jimu expressed doubt in the continuity of the marriage given the way Michael disclosed to him how he discovered the illicit affair.

“I do not think their marriage will work again what I only want from Michael is lobola, he never paid me anything,” said Jimu.

“Michael anoshungurudza mwana wangu pamusoro pezvo anonditukirira zvikuru achitumira mamessage anorwadza kwandiri.

“For nine years, Michael never paid me anything but my daughter gave him three kids only that one passed on,” said Jimu.

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