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By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Friday, 24 Mar 2017 16:44 PM / No Comments / 2690 views

20 March 2017

Bishop Jeff

A local church leader has lashed out at prophets and religious leaders for misleading people living with HIV.

Bishop Jeff of Tabernacle of Worship Family Ministries International in Glen Norah said some religious leaders are ordering people to stop taking life prolonging drugs after praying for them, describing them as agents of the devil.

“When leaders lack accurate information, they mislead followers. We should be thankful to God for having the antiretroviral drugs in HIV intervention. Us religious, ours is faith healing and when it comes to the drugs, it is the duty of the physician to put someone on medication and ordering them to stop,” he said.

“What we do as the church is faith healing. We pray for you and believe that one has been healed. God cures HIV but as prophet or pastor it is not your job to discontinue someone from treatment,” he added.

Bishop Jeff who has a rich history of his church dealing with HIV related issues in the country said in many of his outings, he has discovered that there is conflict between the church and the health sector all because of misinformed church leaders.

“A misinformed leader leads his people to death and some prophets have become agents of the devil. If you discontinue someone from treatment, you have become a murderer because people are surviving on these life prolonging drugs. The Bible is very clear, my people are perishing because of lack of information. Their blood will be on your hands. Let the doctor do his job and you do yours,” he said.

Meanwhile Bishop Jeff and his church will be holding an all-night revival crusade at Solani shopping centre in Epworth on March 30 which he described as the ‘Whole gospel for the whole person’.

He said it will not only touch on the spiritual side but also on the physical side, empowering people on their day to day living.

Running under the theme ‘Your Set Time Has Come, bishop Jeff said, “your set time is here, come and have your story changed.”

On the spiritual side, Bishop Jeff said “demonic attacks will be cleansed, people will be delivered from spiritual husbands and wives and all spiritual forces. In short we will be dealing with all limitation setbacks and your enemies will submit.”

“This is our first church event of the year and we will be in Epworth on March 30, delivering and empowering people,” he added.

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