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Blows @ court wedding

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 13:47 PM / No Comments / 5769 views

29 September 2016

Francisca and Magdalene fighting

REAL life drama unfolded at Harare magistrates’ court when a cheating hubby’s wedding with his girlfriend was abruptly stopped by his wife after she stormed the wedding room moments before they exchanged vows.

At the height of the drama, the wife, Magdalene Chamunorwa, exchanged blows with the said girlfriend, Francisca Kanyama, who was still donning the wedding gown.


The fight unfolded in full view of the ‘cheating’ husband, Gift Singano, relatives and onlookers who had wanted to attend to their court businesses.

Singano and Francisca wanted to legalise their union before Harare magistrates Tendai Mahwe who was forced to cancel the wedding.


This was after Magdalene stormed the wedding room fuming that she was married to Singano and their marriage was still in subsistence.

“This is my husband and he married me in 1992 at Chimutowa in Chiendambuya.

“We have four children and our marriage is still subsistence.


“We are not divorced. I only discovered that he wanted to marry a girlfriend when I saw a profile picture of his girlfriend on his phone.

“I stay with him but he leaves me in the house where we live and goes to stay with his girlfriend in Mufakose.

“We stay in Crowbrough,” she said.

But Singano had a different tale to tell magistrate Mahwe when asked about his relationship with Magdalene.


He said he divorced her sometime in 2011 because of her violent dispossession.

“I married Magdalene but I cannot remember when.

“I have four children.

“I am no longer staying with her. We divorced in 2011 because she was violent to me,” he said.

Magistrate Mahwe cancelled the wedding after noting that Singano had an unregistered customary marriage with Magdalene and were married since 1992.

And that the union was still subsisting since Singano did not give Magdalene a divorce token.


But the drama did not end there as Magdalene decided to ‘shoot’ some more episodes outside the court room.

A seething Magdalene charged towards Francisca as she walked to the car park and attacked her.

She violently grabbed Francisca and attempted to floor her, but she was unfortunate as she was the one who fell.

The two tussled, throwing blows at each other leaving the ‘almost-bride’ exposing her breast in the process.


She was also left with some blood stains in her mouth after one of the fists caught her on the mouth.

It took relatives and friends’ efforts to restrain the two before they left the courtyard exchanging words.

Another woman who was set to be Francisca’s witness in the wedding was heard bragging that they were prostitutes and that was how they operate.

“Ndizvo zvatinoita mahure. Tino ma****,” she was heard saying.

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