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Bogus doctor in trouble

By Bridget Dheka / Published on Friday, 12 May 2017 16:53 PM / No Comments / 989 views

12 May 2017

A Sunningdale woman, who was masquerading as an army doctor stationed at KG6, operated an ailing woman at her house resulting in her death.

Judith Ngorima is said to have operated the woman, who is the complainant’s sister.

She had just returned from Botswana because of ill health but the ‘surgical treatment’ led to the death of the patient.

The woman is said to have died on Thursday morning at one of Harare’s referral hospitals.

This emerged at the Mbare magistrates’ court, where Ngorima appeared before Tafadzwa Miti facing charges of impersonating a medical doctor.

She is denying the charges.

But she is likely to face a stiffer charge of culpable homicide following the death of the woman she operated.

The matter was deferred to May 23 for trial continuation.

Allegations are that on April 9 at around 5pm, Mutavikwa met Ngorima who was in the company of Shepherd Mbakama whom he knew since they used to drink beer together.

Mutavikwa told Mbakama her sister’s ordeal and Ngorima overheard them before she introduced herself as a medical doctor and requested to see the patient.

After seeing and ‘examining’ the victim, Ngorima indicated that the patient had developed a growth on the eye and had to be operated.

She charged US$200 for the job.

The court further alleges that on April 11, the complainant called Ngorima and told her that they had managed to raise P1000 and Ngorima promised to book a bed for the patient at KG6 hospital.

At the same day Ngorima proceeded to the complainant’s house with a drug, which she injected on the patient claiming it cost US$74.

The complainant was to add that cost on the fee charged. It was later claimed that the beds at KG6 were fully booked.

The complainant became suspicious and made some inquiries about Ngorima and discovered that she was not a medical doctor.

Investigations also showed that she never worked for KG6.

Farai Madanhire represented the State.

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