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Bouncer bashes lover

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:26 PM / No Comments / 2703 views

16 May 2017

Daniel Tapiwa Lino

A 37-YEAR-OLD Harare man reportedly gave his lover of seven years a thorough hiding and poured petrol all over her body threatening to set her on fire out of suspicion that she was cheating on him with other men.

Daniel Tapiwa Lino is standing accused of battering his lover Beatos Karichi, 34, on suspicion that she was having an intimate love affair with another man behind his back.

His suspicion arose from claims that he spotted another man driving off from their lodgings in Kuwadzana Phase 3 in the wee hours of the day sometime in April this year.

Beatos Karichi

But Daniel’s actions forced his lover to take the matter to the police leading to his arrest and subsequent appearance at the Harare magistrates’ court.

He was answering to three counts of physical abuse and unreasonable disposal of household property.

Chronicling her ordeal when she appeared before magistrate Annie Ndiraya, Beatos said:

“He came home at around 3am and my daughter went to open the door.

“He then called me outside where there was a taxi which was parked. Daniel paid for the taxi and it drove off.

“I then realised that he was holding two quarts of Eagle lager and a container with petrol.

“He started asking some questions on why I had called him in the afternoon asking for money before he attacked me with a bottle on the head.

“I fell down and he started kicking me.

“He then poured the petrol all over my body.

“That was when my daughter came and pulled him by the jacket.

“I got the opportunity to run away and went next door where I found the door locked.

“I heard my daughter shouting, saying I should run away since he was holding some matches in his hands,” she said.

Beatos also told the court that Daniel also gave her a hiding on two other separate occasions over rentals and when he was demanding respect.

But Daniel refuted the allegations saying Beatos wanted to ‘fix’ him for dumping her.

The 37-year-old, who claims to be a trained bouncer, told the court that he was forced to dump Beatos after she turned down his proposal of having a child.

“The complainant was no longer interested in me and she refused to have a child with me.

“I then moved on and found another girlfriend who is pregnant as we speak.

“She just wants to ‘fix’ me because I told her that if she was not willing to sire a child I was going to find another girlfriend.

“She was the one who pulled me each time we had disputes.

“I am trained and I am not allowed to fight with people.

“I never assaulted her but she was in the habit of rushing to the police each time we had a dispute,” he said.

Quizzed to explain on the issue of the petrol he allegedly poured on Beatos, Daniel said:

“When I went home I saw a car driving off from our place at night.

“I had borrowed a friend’s car and I had bought some petrol which I wanted to refill another car.

“I asked her about who had just left and she told me that it was her friend. An empty bottle fell as I was opening the door.

“She poured the petrol on herself,” he said.

State counsel Devoted Gwashavanhu-Nyagano had it that on October 26 last year Daniel gave Beatos a hiding for opening the door for him late.

He also allegedly assaulted her after she asked him for money to pay rentals.

Further accusations are that, on April 27 this year, Daniel battered and poured petrol on his lover out of suspicion that she was cheating on him.

Daniel is expected to be back in court on May 18 for trial continuation.

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