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Boy (3) seeks US$100K for transplant

By Rest Mutore / Published on Monday, 08 Jan 2018 15:56 PM / No Comments / 2571 views

8 January 2018

Nathan Sanyanga

A THREE YEAR-OLD boy, who is battling fanconi anemia, has appealed for $100 000 for  treatment in India.

Nathan Sanyanga, who was diagnosed of the disease which is a genetic disorder,  is behind time to go for treatment.

In an interview, his father Edgar Sanyanga said they are putting every effort to raise the money although it’s not easy as they are also running out of time.

“We discovered that he needs some bone marrow transplant, so we are looking forward to at least raise US$60 000 for treatment and US$40 000 for transport, accommodation, food and any extra medication during the five months stay in India.

“The doctors said we need to take him as soon possible and we are now planning to go with what we have raised so far  and hope to raise more as we go.

“We have raised US$22 000 so far through fundraisings,” he said.

However, Fanconi anemia means that people can have birth defects and Nathan had his hands closed when he was born before doctors opened them and it leads to bone marrow failure.

According to Sanyanga, they were advised by doctors that Nathan wouldn’t need to worry about a bone marrow transplant until he is five, six or seven years.

“The doctor had told us not to worry about bone marrow for the meantime, not until a few weeks ago he had a tummy problem.

“We thought he had eaten too much but we had it checked just in case and the doctor said his blood was low.

“That meant that even though he is below five years, he has to undergo bone marrow transplant,” said the father.

“We have been advised that a bone marrow transplant needs to occur in the next two months and pre-operation, we need to find a bone marrow donor and Nathan needs to go through pre-operation checks.

“His recovery, all being well, as mentioned above, none of this treatment can be carried out in Zimbabwe. We have had quotes from Asia, South Africa (add more) and these range between (US dollars). Other costs include food and accommodation as a family while we support our child, possibly children (one may be a matching donor).

“We are overwhelmed with all the above and we are faced with the reality that our little boy’s body may not allow him to be with us much longer. Please don’t let Nathan’s story end here,” he added.

Well-wishers can make their contributions through the following means.

ECOCASH: 151*2*2*128040*AMOUNT#



ACC NUMBER: 02924801390010



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