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Boyfriend scalded over cocaine

By Gibson Nyikadzino / Published on Thursday, 05 Oct 2017 16:28 PM / No Comments / 2532 views

5 October 2017

Abigail Daniel

A HARARE man is nursing wounds after he was scalded with tea on the neck and shoulder by his ex-girlfriend after telling her to stop taking cocaine.

Humphrey Dzvengwe, 28, arraigned his 31-year-old former lover, Abigail Daniel, before Harare magistrate Annie Ndiraya to answer to charges of domestic violence and malicious damage to property.

Daniel pleaded not guilty to both charges telling the magistrate that she wrestled with the complainant and that the damaged property worth US$810 was just caught in the fracas.

The State led by prosecutor Hatizivo Chatikobo is alleging that Daniel on July 19 was told by Dzvengwe to stop taking cocaine but she refused.

Dzvengwe is said to have started packing his belongings to move out of the house, that is when the accused went into the kitchen boiled a cup of tea and scalded the complainant on the neck and shoulder.

In September, the complainant told Daniel that he had lodged a complaint with the police, which infuriated the accused who then took a vase and smashed a 32-inch television set, DVD player and home theatre set, all valued at US$810.

“Before trial commencement, I want the court to help me stop the complainant from harassing me. He assaulted me sometime and I went to the police and they told me kuti nyaya dzangu na Humphrey dzakutonetsa,” said Daniel.

The magistrate told Daniel to approach the civil court and rolled the matter to October 12.

Daniel is out of custody on US$20 bail.



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