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Businessman disowns butcheries

By Tinotenda Sibanda / Published on Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 17:27 PM / No Comments / 1044 views

3 July 2018

A Harare Businessman has denied alleged ownership of two butcheries to evade paying maintenance for his two minor children.

Blessing Machonisa denied ownership of butcheries alledged by ex-wife Agnes Musenga to be his.

Agnes told the court that Machonisa has two butcheries, one at William Collet, Borrowdale and the other in Hatcliffe.

Agnes applied for $200 maintenance excluding school fees for two minor children aged six and nine years.

“Your Worship, I work on part time basis and I earn $50 per month which is not enough to take care of the children.

“Machonisa runs butcheries and earns approximately $2000 per month.

“He is lying to the court that he is not the owner of the butcheries in Harare,” said Agnes.

In response, Machonisa denied that he was a businessman earning more than $2000 per month.

“Your Honour I offer $50 for both the children since I work on part time basis, earning at most $150.

“The butcheries are not mine; they are family owned and the one in Borrowdale is owned by my brother.

“I occasionally manage the butcheries when he is not available.

“In spite of that I have other responsibilities to take care of,” he added.

“I have a pregnant wife who needs preparation and financial provision with maternity.

“Last month, I paid fees for my children and bought clothes which she rejected saying that they were second hand.

“Your Worship, I try to provide for the children but my hands are tied with other responsibilities.

“The mother of the children has an occupation and it is the duty of both parents to provide for children,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu said that a father is not exempted from paying for child support because the mother is earning.

Machonisa was then ordered to pay $100 per month and school fees for the children until they are 18 years with effect from the July 31.

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