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Caledonia major road tarring begins

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Friday, 23 Sep 2016 17:43 PM / No Comments / 1271 views

23 September 2016


Tarring of the 4,2 km road which links Caledonia with Tafara and Damafalls has begun and it is expected to be complete at the end of October.

This was revealed during a tour of the suburb where it was also said that the road just like the bridges were part of the major priorities which had to be completed.

“This is a good development because just like I once said, before the intervention, there were people who would leave their cars across the river because it was not possible to take them to their houses and that’s why as first priority we decided that bridges just like the roads would be project number one.

“The construction of the 4,2km road is a US$1,9 million project,” said Percy Toriro chairperson of the management committee in Caledonia.

A local councillor Hardwork Malifante also expressed satisfaction with the tarring of the road saying it would improve accessibility in the suburb.

“The road which links this place with Tafara and Damafalls is really a welcome development because accessibility was really a challenge before the coming in of the management committee.

“Just like when we did not have bridges, people would leave their cars further away from their road but as you can see progress on this stretch has really been made.

“Some of you when you came here last time the contractor was still on the initial phases but now you can see that they are on tarring so we know soon people will be using this road and it is good what we heard that they are expecting to complete this road by end of October.

“I however if people had been owning up to their payments for the monthly contributions, there could have been significant progress here, but we are happy with the developments so far,” said Cllr Malifante.

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