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By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Wednesday, 18 Apr 2018 14:19 PM / No Comments / 2317 views

18 April 2018

TODAY, Zimbabwe celebrates 38 years of self-rule.

Merry-makers are set to mark the day both locally and in diaspora where a number of festivities have been line-up.

Belated parties too will also follow as Zimbabwe celebrate her 38th birthday in style.

However, this year’s edition is a bit special as it come after a new political dispensation ushered by President Emerson Mnangagwa.

And Zimbabwe being a democratic country where people have been liberated, it’s time to forget our sorrows and exchange ideas as we build a better country for all.

H-Metro spoke to a number of celebrities on how they think about this special day, read on…

Alick Macheso

Freedom is an important aspect in life and we are having it because of this day (18 April). As a musician, I am managing to do my work freely, moving to all parts of the country. I am currently working on my new album. To my fellow Zimbabweans I say Happy Independence, ngatipemberere zuva iri murugare nerunyararo. Ayayaya!!!

Zim @ 38 means a lot to us, especially with the coming in on board of new President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is preaching the gospel of peace, unity and love.
I recently watched the new play, “Operation Restore Regasi”, which ran at Theatre-in-the-Park where I realised that people are now free to express themselves.

As a media practitioner, this is the Zimbabwe we all want where we can express ourselves without fear. Happy birthday Zim!

I Hope, Zimbabweans and young people have never been as hopeful as they are now.
I do expect the creation of new jobs that will help trigger spending and help our businesses grow.
We now hope for a successful command housing programme.

Spencer Madziya

The 38th independence of the Republic of Zimbabwe is a special one.
With a new chapter having been opened on the political field, it makes it special to us born frees as we look forward to a new way of doing things.
The new dispensation has brought in hope on the economic front and social welfare, hence we pray that on this special day our national leaders come together and keep fighting to deliver a totally liberated economy. God bless Zimbabwe!

As we celebrate the Independence Day, my plea is for local radio stations to consider mbira music during their prime programmes.
This is the type of music that motivated liberation war fighters but we are not getting the recognition today. A number of mbira programmes anoitwa husiku vanhu varara, we also want that prime time.
This (mbira) is the music that defines Zimbabwe but most radio stations are not concentrating on the new wave of contemporary music neglecting us.
We can only tell the next generation the importance of independence if we are prioritizing the original sound of Zimbabwean music.

People need to have a positive attitude and each to play their part without waiting for someone else to solve problems.

I am happy to say that I am inspired, which has also seen me wanting to become the next President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Diamond Musica special message to you all Zimbabweans and to all the people who migrated in. We wish economic development, peace and social harmony. On Friday 20 April we will be celebrating 38 years of independence at Food Nest Restaurant @ Long Cheng Plaza. Come let’s dance together in celebration of our hard won freedom, our heritage our forefathers left in our custody.

Happy Independence Zimbabwe from the V.M.V boss Carlos Green.
Let’s all celebrate our peaceful and beautiful country.
Today is a family day and I will spend time in the rural areas with my grandmother.
On Thursday as is now tradition, I will perform at Bar Rouge. Come in your numbers and see that indeed VMV can rock Harare as we celebrate our Independence. Happy Holiday!

I’m just a year younger than Zimbabwe and the new political dispensation has brought about the voice of the people to be heard, however being heard and action on the voice are different.
Speaking for myself and my late brother whose life was taken away during the shootout recently, our sentiments will always be the need for action, for equality, for justice.
We were mentally emancipated but we remain enslaved to the injustice of our system. We hope that the new dispensation will not let our voices be mere echoes.

This is the first independence celebration under the new dispensation so we have very high hopes that things will change for the better.
On our side as musicians my hope is that the new dispensation Government will pay more attention to the plight of artists, on issues like piracy, sponsorship.
In South Africa, the Government has a budget for the music industry and the budget caters for festivals that uplifts the industry.
We also want a closer look at how airplay is tackled on our radio stations, we now have 16 stations and still some artistes struggle to get airplay, we are in Zimbabwe, so the music that should be playing on our stations is Zimbabwean music, in Usa or other western countries they never allocate time to our music whilst on the other hand we have some radio stations that play 90 percent western music. So if we have a Government that is interested in the arts in the new dispensation these issues will be addressed.

Peter Moyo

It’s a new feeling and us as young guys we expecting a new Zimbabwe with so much opportunities coz much of the young people are jobless which is also affecting our Nation.

Happy Independence Zimbabwe. We are very proud of our forefathers who fought for us to enjoy this freedom. As a young person who is in the arts industry, I am looking forward to growth of our sector.
We expect our government to invest in state of the art facilities so that young artist can learn and be competitive in the global arts market. Young musicians in other African countries like Nigeria and SouthAfrica can afford a decent living out of one hit song.
We can also have the same structures that assist artists to gain from their hard work.

I’m happy kuti Zimbabwe irikukura and we are very peaceful only pray that as Zimbabweans lets unite and work towards prosperity of this nation.

I am on a block release for my studies and there is no holiday.
For me independence is a personal phenomenon that defines my inward person. On Independence, I celebrate my successes as a woman.
Just the opportunity to be myself and be heard like this. Being free to be an all-rounder that is a mother, a wife, a student and a celebrated professional in itself a measure of my Independence.
There are usually Independence galas and I have no idea what happened to them or their involvement with female artists.
It would have been nice to mark the first independence celebrations of the new era with something of that sort.

This Independence Day I’ll be spending as I always do, with family and friends.
I’m going to be taking some time out to remind myself of the importance of the freedom we now have, and this year I will also be delivering the first TND State of the Creative Nation Address.
An honour and a privilege that I sincerely look forward to.

I am going to be in the studio, we have a lot that needs to be done, a lot of recording so that is how I will be spending the day.
Independence gave us the opportunity to be ourselves, use our talents to earn a living.

Independence Day means a break from work and normal schedule.
It’s a day to reflect where we are coming from understand the significance of the struggle. I sat down with my old man, he told me what they went through, their experiences and what it also means to them.
I figured it’s really crucial to celebrate the day for what it really means.
True sense of independence has been lost because we tend to look down on our achievements in favour of white achievements but it’s a great milestone.
I usually hang around with family but this time around I scheduled a recording and maybe add one or two drinks with the fellows.

I don’t really have a plan so I will be spending the day at home.
We took the kids to see gogo and sekuru so it will just be me and Tendai.

I want to say happy independence fellow Zimbabweans. For us to be able to do our music it’s because of the freedom we are enjoying. From a musician’s perspective, I would say music played an important role during the liberation struggle, music brings happiness, and it is like a therapy. I sing traditional music which has links with the pre-colonial era which I think will keep educating the new generation about the importance of independence.

Pah Chihera

This is one of the important days in the history of this country and I want to wish all Zimbabweans across the globe a happy independence. I will be spending time with my family as we commemorate the day.

Happy 38 years Zimbabwe! Let’s celebrate this day as one people, let’s all embrace each other despite political differences. This is a Zimbabwean cause and tinofanira kupembera tese tiine izwi rimwe chete. Happy birthday Zimbabwe!

As a young generation, we really value this day. A day our country Zimbabwe got independence ndinongoti happy birthday Zimbabwe.

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