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By Snodia Mikiri / Published on Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 16:09 PM / No Comments / 1097 views

6 February 2018

Devon Chafa (R)

DEVON Chafa’s birthday on Christmas is one that, with the activity around, can pass unnoticed.
For the record, he turned 27 on December 25, 2017.

But in that festive mood, you can’t help noticing a footballer who gives a smile at the slightest of invitations, something that defines him more as a person.

Neither can you miss his exploits on the field as he hardly puts a foot wrong.

“I am a Christmas baby,” Chafa says. And as he speaks, he takes calculated breaks telling his story with much clarity.

“I am the third born in a family of four and I am also happily married with two kids.

“I don’t regret anything I have done in life, all are lessons.”

By end of season last year, the CAPS United star was selected as one of the best 11 players on the domestic league.

He did enough to deserve the recognition and his fans believe he had a chance to take the top accolade had he inspired CAPS United to the league title.

“For this year I am planning on working even harder to achieve all my goals and became a better somebody for the benefit of my football career,” he says.

He could however eventually achieve more playing outside the country if he makes the break.

“There is no problem in dreaming about playing outside Zimbabwe. It will be preferable

“We all have plans and we all want to improve ourselves and be better but God has the final say and his will prevail,” Chafa says.

Chafa, who grew up in Highfield and attended a school in that popular suburb, walks the talk. He is religious.

“I go to Johanne Masowe eChishanu Nyenyedzi Nomwe,” he says, without hesitation.

“Wherever God takes me I will go gladly,” he adds.

Not many footballers in the country can claim to have a specialised field they have trained apart from playing football.

The talented CAPS United midfielder believes he had a fall-back position.

“If I was not a footballer I would have been an accountant.

“And if I was given a chance, I would change the welfare of Zimbabwean footballers.”

The former Dynamos and How Mine player has been linked with a move to ambitious Zambian side, Buildcon.

He is not giving much amid indications that he has agreed to renew his contract with CAPS, but could still move without having kicked a ball this season.

“This year is going to be my third year at CAPS if all goes well. I just want to play better than I did last season,” he says.

Chafa looks back and realises that nothing is impossible when you soldier on in life.

“My worst moment was when I received a ban of six months (for failing a doping test) and I’m a glad I had close friends of mine who comforted me, the likes of Mr Gibson Mahachi, Wellington Chiranda and Timmy Moyo, only to mention a few.

“I don’t forget my family who always talked to me. That was my worst moment in my football career.

“My scariest moment in my career was when I injured my right jaw against Bosso playing for DeMbare in 2012,” says Chafa.

It was during the healing process of that jaw that the player claimed to have taken medication with substances banned in football.

The player also remembers the happy moments.

“The best moment is always being called to play for the national team. I enjoy playing for the national team, it is a dream came true for me.”

Asked on which player he enjoys playing in the same team with, he said: “If I was given the opportunity to add another player on the team, I would add James Marufu from Dynamos. We have a chemistry which dates back from juniors and Masimba Mambare.”

Chafa is one of the few players who have been accepted both at Dynamos and CAPS United without problems.

He however did not move directly to CAPS as he had to first go to How Mine.

“After that CAPS United wanted my services and it was a great opportunity for me, so I took the chance to give them what they wanted,” he says.

He is also inspired by two respected players from Dynamos and CAPS United, Desmond Maringwa and Method Mwanjali.

“I personally enjoyed watching Desmond Maringwa and Method Mwanjali.

“They are my favourites and I am very happy I managed to play with both of them.

“Internationally I enjoy watching Xabi Alonso. I learned a lot from him. And now that he is retired, Kante is the best,” he said.

Chafa regards all those close to him as family.

“I don’t have best friends, I have a family. They are not my friends but my family. The likes of James

Marufu, Masimba Mambare, Allan Gahadzikwa and Benjamin Chirumhanzi to mention a few,” he says.

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