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By Blessing Masakadza / Published on Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 17:06 PM / No Comments / 3398 views

27 July 2017


. . . set to unleash double portion

Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia

THE first family of gospel music pastor Charles and wife Olivia Charamba have apologised to their followers for taking long to come up with a new project.

Their last project was WeNazareta which was released in 2014.

To make the apology sweet, the gospel couple has come up with a double project meant for August and according to Pastor Charamba it is something worth waiting for.

He said the projects carry what their followers have been missing. He also answered some of the burning questions regarding the previous release WeNazareta.

Below is a chat between H-Metro’s BLESSING MASAKADZA (BM) and PASTOR CHARAMBA (PC) . . . read more!


BM: What can the followers of Fishers of Men expect in the coming project?

PC: The first thing we are issuing to Fishers of Men followers is a sincere apology. We took long to release, uncharacteristic of the trend we had set. We are grateful to fellow Gospel Musicians who continued to nourish Gospel Music lovers in more regular intervals , we are back to complement them. As The Charambas, we are geared to resume. God granting life, the journey is only starting.

BM: Is it going to be a joint project between you and amai?
PC: It’s going to be a double release. Due to the lengthy time we’ve taken to release, our followers deserve a bigger menu.

The Charambas and CCAP chairman William Mikaye

BM: Title of the project or projects to be released in August?
PC: We did two projects Voice of Miriam by Mai Charamba and Abba Father by Pastor Charamba

BM: Meaning of the titles?
PC: Voice of Miriam: It’s derived from the biblical figure Miriam’s account (Exodus 15). There is so much for us to celebrate in this life. We may be faced with challenges but that doesn’t mean we have to be hopeless and gloomy. Biblical Miriam took time to count her blessing and for once broke into a praise song even though she was not sure of what the wilderness journey had in store for her and the Israelite entourage.
Abba Father is inspired by Romans 8:15. Abba Father is profound title that a child would use when expressing affection to their father during the biblical times. The album generally has a Father-child relationship tone though it is not confined to a single subject. There is also a track that is closer to the album title.

BM: What is different between this forthcoming project and the previous one WeNazareta?


PC: WeNazareta was a collaboration between the two of us. Though it got some remarkable acceptance internationally, it had a somewhat subdued reception back home. It was mostly received by mature listeners as well as our candid followers. The most contributing factor was its jazzy slant which we intentionally employed so as to open certain doors we had failed to unlock with all our previous titles. For that reason we treasure WeNazareta dearly. One other major difference is that two artists who are coming from a joint effort are standing on different sides of a common platform. It has never happened before in our musical life that we release two separate albums at one go. We are excited about it and we hope the music family will be pleased as well.

BM: Some have raised the issue of the beat, saying the Charambas ditched their trademark beat on WeNazareta, what can we expect in this coming project?

PC: We are on record as saying WeNazareta was purposely meant to sound the way it sounds. We however acknowledge the fact that it’s the long intervals we release which are worrisome to our followers, not the music per se. With us, every album is like a new creature. Every album and song has its own breath and life. Every album or song wins its own souls. Every song that we pen and record should justify its existence. We interrogate every song before release such that it shapes up in a manner that is helpful in soul winning and in Christian entertainment. The forthcoming albums have very strong messages. They relate with our formative era’s music in terms of feel and rhythm. The songs also carry some contemporary components that are meant to provide the much needed relevance. Without taking anything away from our previous releases, I am promising listeners that they shall WITNESS the manifestation of the Holy Spirit if they diligently listen to the music. We also included danceable tracks that relate to Verses and Chapters’ ‘Ibasa Rangu” or Exodus’ ‘Musamaria”. Ballards which dominate our catalogue are proportionally represented as well. Basically, we have something for everyone.

BM: When are the projects going be released or launched?
PC: The albums are going to be released on Wednesday 16 August. Zimpapers in collaboration with our admin shall do the much appreciated gesture of distributing copies countrywide particularly in the first few days.
The launch shall be in two phases, a prelaunch at the Zimbabwe College of Music and a launch concert which shall follow. The prelaunch shall be a platform to announce the releases but the launch concert happens on 30 September at Chitungwiza Aquatic complex.

BM: Anything on videos?
PC: As we have stated in previous press interviews, we are sitting on over a number of videos for our yesteryear music which shall be released subsequently. We spent much of 2016 on video assignments. Our fans have only one choice, sit back and enjoy the volumes of material coming forthwith as the dry season has come to an end. We salute them for their unrelenting support.

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