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By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Thursday, 30 Jun 2016 14:30 PM / No Comments / 2783 views

30 June 2016

. . . confesses in church to save baby


Lazarus Medzai
Lazarus Medzai

A Johanne Marange married woman reportedly confessed to bedding a married deputy headmaster and church elder in an effort to save her baby from dying.

Edith Chinoona, 36, is reported to have confessed that she bedded Saul Ratimba, 50, and Austin Magondo following the death of her three children within a short period.

Saul Ratimba
Saul Ratimba

Edith’s husband Lazarus Medzai responded by visiting Ratimba and thoroughly bashing him. He, however, spared his nephew Magondo after he confirmed the adultery, at least according to Lazarus.

Lazarus also approached headman Mupambawashe with the issue and the case is expected to be heard on Sunday.

“It did not surprise me to hear my wife confessing her adulterous affairs since I had been tipped by my neighbours for some time. I was only waiting to catch her red handed,” said Lazarus.

“My nephew and this deputy headmaster took advantage of their fat pockets and decided to abuse my wife to the extent of bedding her in my matrimonial bedroom.

“I left the family to look for a job and they two took turns to visit my wife day and night on the guise of buying tomatoes that we sell here.

“I have since informed my in-laws and they left this morning for their village; we discussed the story and I decided to forgive my wife.

“My wife was abused sexually and the decision she made to confess was the best to save the life of our ailing baby although the baby died soon after the confession.

“My wife confessed that she has been dating Ratimba since 2014 and Magondo since 2015 and it is within that period that we lost one of my five children and two of them died this month.

“She told me that Ratimba on his first occasion came begging her to quench his sexual appetite arguing that his wife was denying him his conjugal rights and he wanted to pay US$5.

“My wife refused the money saying she was not a prostitute and they had sex without payment.

“My neighbours have been telling me about my wife’s adulterous affair but there was nothing I could do and I prayed so as to catch her red handed only to hear her confessing before the congregation.

“I have taken the matter before headman Mupambawashe because our supposed headman Magondo is related to one of the accused persons Austin.

“Please do not further interrogate or interview my wife about the story since she is still mourning our baby who died a few days ago.

“If you want to hear more about it better attend the court on Sunday where everything is going to be said before the headman,” said Lazarus.


Austin Magondo
Austin Magondo

“I was the first person to tell Lazarus that his wife was cheating with several men during his absence and this reached his wife’s ears.

“I even asked Lazarus why he went on to claim that no one passes through their prophet’s gates without being seen that he or she is committing sin when his wife was ever bedding several men.

“Lazarus’s wife decided to silence me by offering me sex and I refused when she visited me early in the morning and asked for permission to clean my bedroom since my wife was not at home.

“Ndakamutendera kupinda mubedroom ndakarara akatsvaira akaisa floor polish ndokubva azogara pamubhedha pangu.

“I overcame the lust and I got hold of her shoulder and she stretched her arm and got hold of my neck but I did not have sex with her, ndakakutanda mukoma.

“Ndakutsanagurira murume wake akati ndakabata mukadzi wake ravanoti gwiti kukereke kwavo ndikati izvo handirambe ndakabata ndichimusimudza kuti abve pamubhedha pangu.

“I later met her after that encounter and she challenged me after I saw her at her home on my way to the shops saying I had failed to be man enough on the day she cleaned my room. While she was saying that she sat on a chair opening her legs and she had no panties ndakumuudza kuti mbuya mandiwana ndisina condom ndingadai ndakunyengai ndikapfuura zvangu.

“Lazarus’ wife confessed yes but the reason why her confession failed to save the child from death is that she only mentioned myself and Ratimba leaving the actual people she cheated with, John akamusiya sei ndipo panemubvunzo wangu?

“Yes Ratimba would visit her time and again achida matimati anotengeswa pamba ipapa, ini handingadaro nekuti muzukuru kwandiri.

“I am prepared to stand before the headman on Sunday and defend myself because I am a Seventh Day Adventist church elder and also headman Magondo’s aide and I also sit at chief Makoni’s court saka pakatoipa I have to clear my name brother.”


“My wife abandoned me after I caught her kissing a male nurse at Nyazura and I believe she is the one who is plotting my downfall. For a year I am sex-starved but honestly speaking I never bedded Lazarus’ wife as alleged.

“I received summons from headman Mupambawashe today to appear before his court on Sunday but I blame my wife for this. I am now an elderly man I cannot stoop low to the extent of bedding a poor man’s wife.

“I have a nice house that I built and if you want you can pass through and take some photographs or else let me show you my kids and the house I am talking about in my photo album.

“I will appear before the headman but I repeat I never bedded Lazarus’ wife as alleged,” said Ratimba referring more questions to his elder brother who ordered him not to speak to the press.

Edith could not be reached for comment as she was reported to have accompanied her mother to board transport back to her village.

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