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Cheating couple appeals wedding cancellation

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Friday, 15 Jun 2018 16:10 PM / No Comments / 3756 views

15 June 2018

A HARARE couple, whose secret wedding was stopped at the last minute, has approached the court seeking a review of the decision to deny them their wedding.

The couple was on Tuesday embarrassed when their union was denied by the marriage officials after the official wife resurfaced before they could exchange vows.

Tthe marriage officer had to cancel the process stating that the marriage was unofficial since there was a wife who resurfaced claiming to be the official wife.

Regional Chida, 32, a policeman, was on Tuesday stopped from tying the knot with Pamela Kanjedzana, 45.

Chida’s wife, Chipo Kapere surfaced at the court after a tip off.

At the court, Kapere told the authorities that she and her husband are blessed with two children hence the wedding could not proceed.

In an interview, Pamela said:

“I am not a sangoma but I am spirit medium (svikiro).

“I heal people, you tarnished my image by claiming that I am a sangomas. My 10-year-old child, who is so intelligent, will be affected by these publications.

“What do I gain from your interview? Are you going to give me money?

“It was not a secret wedding but my husband did everything to alert his bosses so it was known.”
Chida refused to entertain this publication saying the issue is not meant for publication.

“I have nothing to talk to you and I will remain quiet on this issue.

“You have tarnished my wife’s reputation,” he said.

According to H-Metro moles, the couple is currently staying in Waterfalls.


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