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Chivaviro happy with response

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Monday, 05 Feb 2018 16:55 PM / No Comments / 1419 views

5 February 2018

GOSPEL musician Reverend Toggy Chivaviro says his latest offering Matishamisa Jireh has won the hearts of his fans.

The new offering launched last week made it into Radio Zimbabwe Coca Cola Top 20 chat show with songs such as Matishamisa Jireh and Hande Tinovaka on third and fourth positions respectively.

“I haven’t seen anything like this even with all my previous albums as Matishamisa-Jireh has proved its own worth and judging with the response from fans, the album has been positively received, It’s a success,” said Reverend Chivaviro.

He is organising a show to celebrate the album this month.

“Our first phase was to come and introduce the album to our fans in Zimbabwe and then this Saturday we launch it again in South Africa.

“This February we intend to mix and mingle with our fans and thank them for the support in welcoming the new album and making it great.

“We are also going to make sure the album reaches all the four corners of the country and mainly targeting schools, colleges and growth points,” he said.

The Ebenezer hit maker said he wants to meet with all his fans this year.

“We have discovered that our music has transformed and we have a lot of ground we need to cover this year.

“I know I have fans that have been with us from day one and we are targeting each one of them as we take the new album to the people.

“The shows will incorporate the whole family and we are saying they will accommodate everyone including children,” he said.

Other potentially exciting songs on the album include Jesu Ndanga Ndakurasai, Jesus the Captain, Korona and Mwanangu Teerera among others.

The musician has also released visuals for one of the songs, ‘It Is Not Over’ and it’s receiving rave reviews on social platforms such as YouTube.

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