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Chiwanza defends Ngoda list

By H-Metro Reporter / Published on Monday, 09 Oct 2017 15:42 PM / No Comments / 3789 views

9 October 2017

HARARE businessman, Chamu Chiwanza has defended the Ngoda List for 2017 recognising enterprising Zimbabweans who are 40 and under that was released at the weekend.

The AAG boss is ranked third behind Prophet Walter Magaya and Nash Paints’ Tinashe Mutarisi on the NgodaBusiness 2017 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40.

Prophet Walter Magaya

Chiwanza, who has been consistently on these lists, said there is bound to be criticism each time there is such a list and, as such, he will not let critics ruin his presence there.

“There will always be controversy when such a list is compiled and there is a tendency to start looking for bank balances and things like that. However, when you look carefully there is a list of things considered in coming up with the list that go beyond bank balances.

“We have many rich people out there who however, do not contribute anything to the community and they obviously do not belong there. Influence is measured by a number of contributions made to society that make people respect you,” said Chiwanza.

NgodaBusiness gave a list of things factored in for the adjudication process and these include national relevance, global appeal, social impact, motivation/leadership, economic value, general influence, consistency and brand equity.

The Top 10
1. Walter Magaya (Prophet)
Associated with: Planet Africa, Yadah, Author
Industry: Sports Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Media, Hospitality, Real Estate, Manufacturing

Tinashe Mutarisi

2. Tinashe Mutarisi
Associated with: Glascor, Nash Paints
Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Diversified

3. Chamu Chiwanza
Associated with: Cernic Finance, AAG, The Shift, Simba Savannah, Several Boards
Industry: Finance, Real Estate, Security, Diversified


Frank Buyanga

4. Frank Buyanga
Associated with: Hamilton, African Medallion Group
Industry: Finance, Real Estate, Commodities Trading, Diversified

Wicknell Chivayo

5. Wicknell Chivayo
Associated with: Intratrek Zimbabwe
Industry: Alternative Energy, Diversified

Josey Mahachi

6. Josey Mahachi
Associated with: Click Africa, YALI Fellow, Zimbabwe Investment Authority Board
Industry: Media, Retail, Diversified

Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

7. Munyaradzi Gwatidzo
Associated with: Astro Mobile Africa
Industry: Technology (Gadget Manufacturer), Retail

William Sachiti

8. Pasi William Sachiti
Associated with: Kar Go, Academy of Robotics / Inventor
Industry: Technology (Robotics, Futuristic, Automobile)

Maxwell Chikumbutso

9. Maxwell Chikumbutso
Associated with: Saith Technology / Inventor
Industry: Technology, Energy, Aerodynamics

Takwana Tyaranini

10. Takwana Tyaranini
Associated with: Senditoo, Ozaremit
Sectors: Technology, Telecoms, Global Remittances

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