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Cholera fears in Chegutu

By Blessings Chidakwa / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 15:21 PM / No Comments / 1570 views

10 July 2018


A health hazard is looming in Chegutu as raw effluent is flowing in most of the town’s suburbs.

The town has a poor reticulation system which has seen it being a hotspot of cholera outbreaks over the years, with four people having died of the deadly disease, while more than 50 cases were recorded early this year.

Raw effluent is flowing in most of the town’s suburbs including Mashayamombe enroute to Pfupajena Stadium.

Chegutu Town Clerk Alex Mandigo confirmed that there were fears of disease outbreaks in the town.

Mandigo, however quickly jumped to defence saying, Government had since availed the local authority $1 million to upgrade its water and sewer reticulation systems.

“Government has availed $1 million so that we address water and sewer reticulation system to curb longtime challenges that has seen our town being dogged by cholera outbreaks,” he said.

“We made an appeal for funding from Government and it allocated us on the national budget.”

Mandigo said a lasting solution to do rehabilitation of the sewer reticulation system was now at an advanced stage.

“We have been advertising for material tenders over the past weeks as we are now at the process of procuring materials to be used,” he said.

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