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Church mate snatches wife

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Friday, 17 Jun 2016 16:05 PM / No Comments / 2724 views

17 June 2016

John and Veronica on their wedding day
John and Veronica on their wedding day

AN AFRICAN Apostolic church cheating couple is reported to have dumped their families in Harare to stay in Domboshava.

Shadreck Bhikausi, 38, a preacher and businessman, reportedly snatched his fellow church member John Tiki’s wife Veronica Tsvangirai leaving his pregnant wife Rutendo Buyandipo, 34, struggling to fend for their children in Waterfalls.

Shadreck and Veronica’s shenanigans came to light after love messages between the two were discovered in the latter’s mobile phone.

John said the love affair has been going on since 2014.

Rutendo told H-Metro that Shadreck collected his belongings behind her back and left his worshipping gowns and worn out shoes.

“My husband is no longer into Christian faith, akasiya magemenzi bedzi mumba and collected all his belongings leaving me starving,” said Rutendo.

“As we speak I am staying with my younger sister and he never said anything against me and we never had a quarrel. He just abandoned the family just like that.

“Veronica’s husband is the one who discovered the love messages between my husband and his wife and we learnt that since 2014 the two were having an affair behind our backs.

“I have plans to apply for maintenance since I am failing to look after the four children alone, I have been married to my husband for 11 years only to be wrecked by a fellow church member.

“Zvanyadzisa kukereke nekuti nyaya yacho yazara muvanhu,” said Rutendo.
John confirmed the story saying rumour is going round that the two love birds are having a ‘honey moon’ at Showground Business Centre in Domboshava.

“Shadreck is my friend and to learn that he was cheating with my wife is a thorn in my fresh; he sold my trust, he killed my family and is unremorseful,” said John.

“I heard from rumours that Shadreck relocated to Domboshava where they are being spotted in each other’s arms but God knows and His eye is ever watching them.

“My three kids with Veronica are longing to enjoy motherly love while she takes care of a man who is supposed to fend for his family too.

“I am hurt and considering what they have done before the congregation in faith I want to believe it was better for them to have not tested the love of God they are replacing with lust.

“Veronica has forgotten the vows she made before the minister of church when we tied the knot and has decided to paint the white gown she put on.

“I knew Shadreck from the time we were staying in Bulawayo and I helped him much as we shared food along with my family unaware that he was salivating to have sex with my wife.

“He should come and we sit down for a way forward for the good of our children,” said John.

Contacted for comment Veronica denied cheating with Shadreck saying she only borrowed him money after John failed to support her.

“Nhasi John zvamurwadza nekuti ndave kugara zvakanaka ndega, haazive size yebhurukwa kana dress randinopfeka,” said Veronica.

“I am not in love with Shadreck as alleged but he only helped me with US$200 to start my business after John was no longer supporting the family.

“I am still to pay Shadreck his money since I am failing to pay school fees for children.

“John confessed before church congregation that he engaged in adultery with several Zimbabwean women based in Botswana.

“Ndakamuramba ini ndikamusiya; handichamuda kunyangwe takachata zvedu I have since approached my lawyer to apply for divorce.

“Shadreck has been our family friend from the time we were in Bulawayo and after he phoned me he came and helped me with money.

“As we speak I do not know where Shadreck is staying, I am not in love with him,” said Veronica.

Shadreck could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

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