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Church women threaten to strip

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Friday, 06 Jan 2017 16:22 PM / No Comments / 3512 views

6 January 2017


WOMEN from various churches met in Harare Gardens recently for a three day prayer wearing sack cloth and threatened to undress over the diminishing moral values and challenges facing the nation.

The prayer meeting dubbed ‘Zimbabwe back to God Prayer Campaign’ was led by Apostle Lukiah Borerwe of Harvest Breakthrough Ministries shared Biblical scriptures equating the nation’s values with the Biblical chosen nation Israel.


“It is written in the Bible that ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land’,” said Apostle Borerwe.

“We are mourning our children who are forsaking our moral values to cling to western culture, it is exposing our nation and the land is no longer giving what it is supposed to enjoy.

“Wealth is here in Zimbabwe but if people turn against God by the way of dressing, language and the love of other countries culture it would be interpreted before God as not thanking him for what he gave us.
“We were supposed to walk in the streets naked so that our youth will ask and tell them that this is exactly what they look like in the eyes of God.

“What is the reason for dressing if our children are walking naked, those street kids are from our womb, those insane people are from our womb, those raping, murdering people are our children ndichapfekereiko hembe kanamwana wangu achitambudzika munyika yababa nekuda kwekurasa hunhu.

“We used to have food under a tree, no one who takes own life was supposed to be taken in homes but be buried the same day but because of those who hanged our forefathers, hanging is now rampant that spirit has overtaken our youth and they are killing each other daily.

“After learning they feel comfortable to leave their parents going to work for other nations leaving us exposed ndichapfekereiko hembe mwanangu kana mwana wangu achipedzera ziya rake kunze ozodzoka asisina ganda kumeso.

“We are weeping because of our girls’ virginity that is being broken daily by the elders, ladies of the night are increasing because of the elderly men who do not feel sorry for our children.

“We are calling every woman out there to seek God and the whole nation to turn back from their wicked ways so as to reap the fruits of the land.

“Farmers are no longer taking the first fruits to where they are supposed to be taken, being robbed by hyenas in sheep’s skins, there is no reason for walking dressed if our children are being torn apart daily that is the reason we met here as women to pray.

“Woman means the ability to produce and I urge all women to value themselves and humble themselves and pray to God daily over our nation and children for the healing of the land,” said Apostle Borerwe.

The women lied down on ground and began to weep over the nation for peace and healing of the land so as to produce wealth.

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