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Cindy video scene plagiarised

By Entertainment Reporter / Published on Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018 15:36 PM / No Comments / 4446 views

28 February 2018


. . . Blaqs takes idea to Cindy

Popular videographer, Blaqs, has been accused of plagiarism by songbird, Cindy Munyavi.

The videographer is reported to have copied a scene from Cindy’s footage of Clap for My Babe video and then used it for Ammara Brown’s Akiliz video.

Cindy said she shot her video in August last year with Andy Cutta and then around September, Blaqs before he had shot the video to Akiliz he called her saying he had seen her footage for her video.

“Around August or September, Blaqs called me and said he saw my footage of my video and actually said it’s really nice.

“When I asked him how he had seen it he said to me he is the industry mafia.

“I assumed he saw it being put onto another device since we hire cameras at the same place.

“When I then released “Setter pace” video, he put some cocky post on achindiwanzira.

“When we spoke about it he was trying to offend me and I told him I don’t like being drawn into controversy,” she said.

Cindy said she does not believe the imitation is a coincidence after Blaqs’ actions.

“When he posted pictures of Akiliz I told him it was weird for him to have a muscular guy with a tattoo just like I had on my video footage.

“He told me it was just a coincidence and denied to seeing the footage that had that scene.

“I did not buy it because the scene was on the same footage card he had watched.

Cindy added:

“I think we should respect each other’s intellectual property, ideas are many come up with your own

“I was not impressed by Mr Blaqs’ actions and I told him I will call him out if people compare my video to Akiliz.”

The issue who imitated whose video between Cindy and Ammara has since gone viral on social media platforms after Cindy’s recently released her video.

However Blaqs denied the accusation saying the only way he got to see Cindy’s footage was because he helped offload the footage.

“I was actually helping out offload the footage since the guy was facing some sort of problem, that’s when I saw a clip of her video.

“I haven’t seen the video yet because I only watch videos I produce.

“The truth is I saw nothing of what she is talking about, the clip I saw didn’t have that and when I saw the one or two clips I even called to show I really appreciated the work they had done.

“So how then do I call her if I wanted to copy from her, it’s like shooting myself in the foot,” he said.

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