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Co-wife causes chaos

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 17:36 PM / No Comments / 2475 views

6 February 2018


Lorraine Jingura

A HARARE woman is living in fear as she is constantly beaten and stalked by her co-wife.

Lorraine Jingura opened up in her quest for a protection order against her co-wife Cynthia Nyanga who she said constantly beats her together with her child.

Jingura opened up to the Harare Civil Court Magistrate Nyasha Marufu saying she does not reside with Nyanga but the latter is always at her house causing havoc whenever their husband is there.

“He paid lobola for me and lives with both of us.

“We have one child together so he visits us from time that is when Nyanga gets jealous, and comes banging my gate, she sometimes beats me.

“She harasses me and I am no longer living in peace because even when my husband is at her house, she stalks me wanting to know my whereabouts.”

In response, Nyanga did not dispute the claim.

Cynthia Nyanga

“I’m not opposed to the claim that I should maintain peace between us, but she also sends me threatening messages that’s why I beat her whenever I see her.

“I have no reason to stalk her because as it is, I am the second wife meaning I am the Nyachide so I have no reason to be jealous of her.”

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted a reciprocal protection order.

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