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Council employees assaulted

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Friday, 04 Nov 2016 14:58 PM / No Comments / 856 views

4 November 2016

COUNCIL-Harare on illegal water -City spokesperson Michael Chideme

City of Harare employees were on Tuesday assaulted at Eyerstone residential estate where they had gone to set up a district office.

Acting Corporate communications manager Michael Chideme confirmed the assault on the employees but insisted council will not be deterred from fulfilling its mandate of bringing order at the residential estate.

“The officials had gone there to set up a district office just like what we did with Caledonia when they were attacked by suspected land barons and illegally settled people.

“But let me also add that all those who illegally settled there and all those who bought stands should cooperate with council and make reports.

“And our message remains the same, we are not going back to ensure that everyone is properly allocated.

“Council will continue to follow its mandate so that we set up a district office there, soon they will be servicing,” said Chideme.

Chideme added that “the Eyerstone residential estate has 7 000 stands which comprise of high, medium and low density. Allocations by city authorities are in progress.

“Individuals who have illegally invaded the farm are encouraged to join the Housing waiting list for legal allocation.

“In the meantime all people who had either illegally settled themselves or had bought land from third parties should vacate the pieces of land and allow for the opening of roads, water and sewer reticulation systems.

“Council has already set down the law on illegal land invasions which states that there will be no regularisation of illegalities. By this notice all people occupying institutional stands or still buying land from third parties other than council should stop.

“Council will not sanction any such sales implying that the sales are illegal and fraudulent. A case in point is what happened in Hatcliffe along 125 Street over the weekend where some land barons (thieves) fraudulently sold pieces of land to people for US$200 each. The transactions are illegal and the people who bought the stands are urged to report the matter to the police.

“The city is worried with the rate at which people are losing their investments to fraudsters especially when there is enough publicity against buying land from third parties.

“The City urges all residents to verify with council officials before engaging in land deals.”

A cemetery will be commissioned in Eyerstone before year-end.

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