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DJ Tadz, The Total Package

By Nyasha Kada / Published on Monday, 04 Jun 2018 15:54 PM / No Comments / 1837 views

4 June 2018


…follows father’s footsteps

…targets to be radio’s next big thing

Like father like son.

He is one the fast rising presenters on the local radio scene.

Only coming into broadcasting two years ago, the 32-year-old Star FM presenter is already making waves and a name for himself.

He is the first born and only son of veteran broadcaster Admire Taderera. He goes by moniker name DJ Tadz-real name Tatenda Taderera.

Admire Taderera

H-Metro’s Nyasha Kada (NK) caught up with the vibrant presenter/producer Dj Tadz (DT) and this is what he had to say. Read on…

NK: Briefly tell us about yourself?

DT: I was born at Avenues Hospital on the 18th of September 1985 lol not sure about the time though.

I was raised in the suburbs all my life having owned houses in Mabelreign then Mount Pleasant, Glen Lorne and Horgarty Hill Borrowdale.  Dad always liked the good living.

I went to North Park School from Grade 1 – 3 then moved to Twin Rivers Primary from Grade 3 – 7.

For high school I went to Prince Edward to do my O-level, Guinea Fowl in Gweru for my A-level.

After finishing   A-Level I moved to south side of Cyprus to do my university studies and  moved to South Africa  to continue with my Studies .

I was studying Business Commerce in management majoring in hospitality Management.

NK: Growing up did you always wanted to be a radio presenter?

DT: I never thought I would be a radio presenter because I never liked the way my dad was popular and everyone would ask are you really Admire’s son, which at the time I would find it annoying .

I like the quiet life but I’m still growing in the broadcasting world so let’s see where it will take me.

NK: Your dad is a veteran broadcaster do you feel some day you will reach his level?

DT: Wow, that’s a very high level and bar that was set but I hope to surpass it for its what he wanted   for his kids to do better than he did.

I mean he was the first Zimbabwean football commentator at the prestigious world cup in 1998 in France, the Olympics, African Cup of Nations and three times after that to all events.

Having also represented a lot of big brands in Zimbabwe even being nick named the Jazzen Man which people still remember today.

He is a complete broadcaster kicking it in the studio and on the sporting scene as well very very few can do that if there is any.

NK: How has been your journey so far as a radio presenter?

DT: It hasn’t been easy,  trust me it’s not as easy as it looks.

I can ask you to sit behind the mic and say something and you could get studio fright.

It’s quite a difficult art and this has made me appreciate it more. I started as a producer outside the studio being taught the fundamentals and culture of radio by Daywalker then moved to producing the most happening drive time in Zimbabwe the 326 Xpress with KVG and Phathisani and those two really taught me a lot of things I know today.

I also would do sit ins in the studio by not saying anything on the mic and just learning the studio and how it functions.

I then started doing the midnight Xpress the grave yard shift been trained by Otis “The Flow” Frazer and I still remember him laughing when I would be shy to say anything on the mic, I would just freeze.

I am still doing midnight radio and I love it on Tuesday and Thursday Morning.

Now I produce the TXO with Moxinator as the main presenter and I present the TXO when his not around and visiting other peoples girlfriends ( he is your girlfriends favorite DJ).

When I started been his super sub I couldn’t believe it that I was actually doing daytime radio so you can call me the super sub for the TXO when Mox is down.

Having started radio in 2016 I think 2018 has been the biggest been given the task to do the Star Hit List top 20 countdown which happens every Saturday 9am -12pm which is a major boost and having a big brand like Econet sponsor the final hour of the show means a lot and means  I’m  growing  in the world of broadcasting and I think it’s God’s will because my dad used to host a top 20 countdown sponsored by a big brand back in the days .

NK: Who inspired you to be a radio presenter?

DT: Well presenting then came as a surprise when Napster the former Programming  Manager said you going to be doing the Midnight Xpress and you doing it today lol .

But I guess you never know you love something until you try it . But I have been lucky to have met a lot of broadcasting stars from back in the day and new school presenters who all listen to my shows and give me back feedback on the good and the bad part of my presenting.

So they all inspired me to be a presenter even times when I think to give up they lift me up and say keep going you got this and my dad always says you got this.

NK: What would you say is the difference between your style of broadcasting to your dad’s?

DT: LOL  I guess the same voice just a different style ndiri musalad, but one thing I wish I could is that he can do is speak the three major languages in Zimbabwe English ,Ndebele and Shona  very well.

NK: You were in the US what were u doing there?

DT: Well in the US I was doing my internship, in Zim we call it attachment of what you would be studying So I did mine in the state of Florida working for the Ritz Carlton Hotel training management and it was great and good money as well lol.

But I would always listen to the radio in the states but I would always find myself tuning into Star FM while I was there coz I would find states radio not that entertaining  as back home.

NK: How do you feel you not doing what you studied for?

DT: Well what I studied is not what I’m doing so I guess been a presenter has come as something I never thought I would like doing but I’m loving the mistake and what it is coming with.

NK: Do you think one you will go back to what you studied for?

DT: Well its very broad industry and it incorporates my day to day living with my external business that I do other than being at Star FM and even looking to expand the business further so I still use the skills I acquired at school in the management part of things.

NK: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?


DT: Well I see myself as one of the big brands in radio and in more years going forward opening my own radio station as it was my dad’s dream and I still have his radio plans and how its set up so I guess with time things change but concepts remain the same .

NK:  How is it working at Star FM?

DT: Working at Star FM has been eventful ever since stepping in the building , when I came through I remember telling Mr Comfort Mbofana the group GM (General Manager)  and Mr Dzuda the Deputy Group GM of the radio division that I didn’t want to go on air but look at me now and I’m loving it .

But I have learned a lot from all the presenters at the station day time shows as well as night time shows and even presenters from the news team and even the Engineering team have taught have taught me how radio works from the hardware and software side of things to make sure that we are sounding good all the time.

So they have welcomed into the Star FM family very well since I came through and most of them having worked with my dad since he was the founding GM of Star FM back in 2012.


NK: with fame comes the ladies, how have you been dealing with that?

DT: Well with radio you find it easy to get girls to like you but not sure if they like you or they like you coz you are behind the mic, but I’m in a happy space now.

NK: What do you usually do when you off radio?

DT: I like chilling with friends hanging out on the weekends I usually go and play basketball with the boys on Saturdays at one of my boys’ houses.

I also love travelling as well getting to know different cultures and just to get exposure.

I am generally just a happy person so I love being in happy spaces and I love going to church every Sunday.

NK: Your parting words?

DT: Always dare to be different in life and never let someone tell you that you can’t do something  go for it, prove your haters wrong and shine bright like a star.

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