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Dzika Ngirozi on 1million views

By Blessing Masakadza / Published on Friday, 29 Jun 2018 15:55 PM / No Comments / 1469 views

29 June 2018

DANCEHALL icon Winky D’s Dzika Ngirozi video has surpassed the one million views mark despite negative criticism when it was originally launched.

When he released the video to the chart topper which featured Vabati VaJehova, it was met with criticism from some quarters but on Tuesday it reached one million views on YouTube.

Winky D’s camp said they appreciate positive criticism and it helps them in their work. Winky D’s manager elder Jonathan Banda said they are happy with the response the video got and reaching the one million views mark was a sign that their work is being appreciated.

“This is a big lesson to many to be always level headed. When the video came out, a lot of dust was raised, criticism from some people who felt the video was not up to the mark. We are however happy that the idea behind the video got to people and with one million views it show that people understood that it was a sober product that addresses issues people face daily.

“Some expected scantily dressed women, French models in tight fitting dresses but that was not the idea. The cast on that video is made up of people who are in the communication business, dealing with different issues that face people daily,” he said.

Bustop TV’s Gonyeti and Luckie Aaron are notable faces on the video and their work in addressing different social issues is unquestionable.

Winky D endured similar criticism when he dropped the video for another chart topper Disappear but the song went on get him awards and Banda said criticism will always be there.

“People will always talk but the idea is to listen to positive criticism and see how you can build on that to better yourself,” he said.

Dzika Ngirozi is off Winky D’s latest album Gombwe which has managed to hold its own and topping local music charts.

“The album has been received well and response at our shows is testimony to that. The music appeal to all the sections of society, the parents, the older generation, the middle aged and the youth. We had the song I’m hot, typical dancehall for the youth. This is one section we never want to lose. In short, this is one album grounded in reality, entertain and educate at the same time,” Banda said.

Banda said plans for more videos are in place but are being hindered by the prevailing economic conditions.

“We are working towards more videos but we are being affected by the economic dynamics. Of late more works on videos are being done outside the country, for example South Africa and that needs foreign currency (US dollar) and that affect us a lot because with what we get locally, that will not balance,” he said.

Winky D has often been compared to fellow singer Jah Prayzah in terms of popularity and videos is another area that both have been compared.

In the first quarter of the year both artistes dropped videos with Jah Prayzah coming with the video Angelo which featured Jah Cure (coming a month earlier)  and Winky featuring Vabati VaJehova.

Jah Prayzah’s video is yet to reach the one million mark as it was on 991 881 views. However Jah has several songs that broke the one million barrier like Chengetedza (1.6 million) and My Lilly (3.6 million).

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