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‘Ex-wife threatens to kill me’

By Rudo Muchedzi / Published on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 19:30 PM / No Comments / 1693 views

15 May 2018


A STONERIDGE man is living in fear of his former wife after she threatened to kill him following their divorce.

Benjamin   Nhamo bared it all at the Harare Civil Court where he was seeking for a protection order against Nancy Madhuka.

Nhamo told the court that he was married to Madhuka for five years and their marriage collapsed over misunderstandings.

“Your worship, my former wife threatened to kill me and I am fearing for my life and family.

“I was married to her for five years and our marriage collapsed.

“I moved in with another woman but this woman doesn’t like my wife yet she is the one who divorced me.

“She always comes to my place of residence making a lot of noise, the other day she came with her boyfriend and damaged my property.

“I have since engaged the police over the issue and I was advised to apply for a protection order.

“May the court bar her from coming to my house, I need peace with my new wife.

“She also accused my wife of bewitching her children, I do not want her to come to my house,” he said

In response Madhuka refuted the claims citing that she never threatened to kill him.

“I never threatened to kill him, but I was only doing what the court has ordered me to do.

“I once had a protection order where the court ordered me to go back to his house since we have children together.

“Also, I never destroyed his property, I just wanted a place to stay with my children,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Manase Masiiwa granted the application in Nhamo’s favour and advised Madhuka not to force herself on Nhamo since he is married to another woman.

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