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Faggy Networks under fire

By Arron Nyamayaro / Published on Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017 13:59 PM / No Comments / 2355 views


20 December 2017

Fagio Marowa and wife Brenda

FAGGY Networks directors are under fire from people in the diaspora over allegations of duping them of their hard earned money promising to register a trust company in the country.

Fagio Marowa and his wife Brenda Faya Marowa are alleged to have duped people living outside the country among them Talent Rupuwu based in Dubai.

The diasporans have reacted by posting Faggy Networks on social media warning people not to engage them forcing the directors to respond on their Facebook page.

Talent told H-Metro that she was duped of her US$500 and is fighting the company to refund her money.

“It is not healthy for one to (be in the habit) of milking other people because they are living outside Zimbabwe,” said Talent.

“I phoned Brenda and she promised to do the registration for me and ended up referring me to her husband Fagio.

“I sent the money and they confirmed receiving the money but nothing has been done only to discover on social media that he has been duping many people.

“He has some lawyers he asks to call clients to cement his dealings and one of them ended up disclosing that Fagio is a liar,” said Talent.

Contacted for comment, Fagio confirmed dealing with Talent saying the latter changed her mind after learning that there was somewhere cheaper than Faggy Networks.

“I saw my name and company posted on Facebook and WhatsApp tarnishing my image and I replied on my Facebook Page,” said Fagio.

“As for Talent, yes I received her money but she is the one to blame because she changed her mind after learning that our charges were a bit higher than where her friend had referred her to.

“My company cannot be the same with someone’s company and our charges cannot be the same so Talent changed her mind when we had already started processing her documents.

“We are still waiting for her to come home so that she puts her signatures on some of the documents; we are not refunding money as she wants,” said Fagio.

The following are some of the conversations between Fagio and his clients demanding their money back.

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