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Fans go crazy at Diana show

By Lisa Mafohla / Published on Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018 20:14 PM / No Comments / 1723 views

30 January 2018

AN ecstatic night of musical finesse by songbird Diana Samkange ended on a sad note for one of her fans when her wig which was loosely tied fell.

The songstress popularly known as Mangwenya enthralled fans during her first show of 2018 held at Bar Rouge housed at Long Cheng Plaza.

So ecstatic were fans, who danced merrily shaking their rears.

Diana who churned out folklore tracks, her own compositions and copyrights composed by both yesteryear and the current crop of artistes, left many yelling for more.

So crazy were some of her fans especially ladies, some who appeared to be in a trance towards midnight.

Asked how she prepares for shows, Diana said:

“Before each one of my shows, I take time to meditate and to try and spiritually connect with the energies of people who are going to attend my show.

“It helps me to spiritually link with them when it comes to expressing my art, and it then becomes easier for them to understand exactly what I’m trying to portray.”

Diana also spoke on those revellers who ‘get possessed’ during her shows.

“About people varikusvikirwa every time I perform, I will not deny kuti kazhinji zvirikuitika and it’s not anything I’m embarrassed about when such things happen.

“I am an advocate of the African tradition religion and it’s something which is very common in that belief, pese panotambwa ngoma nembira kana mhepo dzakasiyana siyana dzinouyawo kuzotandara, dzakanaka nedzakaipa, chikuru kukudza nekutambira dzakanaka tichiteurira dzakaipa kuti dzitekaire dziende through the music that I will be singing,” she explained.

Diana said she was also pleased by the attendance at a time when people are facing financial problems.

Diana Samkange

“Being my first show in 2018, I was happy about it as a musician and it shows that people now understand the image I’m portraying and the message I’m trying to send.

“We all have an identity and our identity as Zimbabweans itsika nemagariro edu. For one to know where you are going in future, you need to acknowledge your past and our past in this case chinyakare chedu after that you study your present life,” she added.

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