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By Fungiso Chawora / Published on Wednesday, 08 Nov 2017 16:56 PM / No Comments / 2403 views

8 November 2017

A CITY woman has approached the courts accusing her rival of husband snatching.

Concilia Mavhunga was seeking a peace order at the Harare civil court against her husband’s second wife Gladness Kunaka.

Concilia also accused Gladness of being a prostitute who is in the habit of targeting married men.

“This woman here is a prostitute, she took my husband from me Your Worship.

“She fell in love with my husband in spite of knowing that he was a married man.

“Everyone in our neighbourhood knows that she’s a prostitute.

“Ever since my husband married her my life has been miserable and my husband doesn’t love me the way he used to,” said Concelia.

She added:

“She uses my property without my permission and undermines my authority in my house.

“She also insults me calling derogatory names and she threatens to influence my husband to chase away from our matrimonial home.

“She should learn to respect me because I am the first wife.

“I can’t stand her and the sight of her makes me sick.”

In response, Gladness said:

“I’m not a prostitute since our husband paid lobola for me because he loves me.

“When we were dating, I was not aware that he was married and when I found out I was already in love with him.

“He asked me to marry him and I agreed because I loved him.”

She added:

“The property that she forbids me to use is not hers but it belongs to our husband.

“I don’t insult her at all, she is just bitter that our husband loves me more than her.”

Presiding magistrate Sharon Tatenda Chipanga granted a reciprocal peace order and advised both parties to observe peace.

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