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“First Class” victim breaks down

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Friday, 04 Nov 2016 14:55 PM / No Comments / 2699 views

4 November 2016


THE woman, who claimed to have been sexually attacked by First Class Bus Company owner Simbarashe Gibson, broke down in court when she saw him seated in the dock.

The 24-year-old woman sensationally told the court that Simbarashe is a relative and that he was her employer during the time he allegedly sexually abused her.

She also claimed that Simbarashe was known to her parents and even knows where her parents stay in St Mary’s Chitungwiza.

The woman made the revelations when she appeared before magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe to confirm that she was the one who had lodged a complaint against Simbarashe.

This was after Simbarashe, through his lawyer Tawanda Tandi, challenged his placement on remand saying there was no complainant in the matter.

“He was my boss. I was on duty when I was phoned on October 9 2016 and called to the garage.

“Since he was my boss I did not refuse. It was around 8pm.

“When I arrived at the garage, a guard opened the gate for me and led me to the upstairs office.

“He then asked me to sit on a sofa since I had preferred to sit on the chair.

“As he was talking, he was also touching on his drawer where he withdrew a silver or grayish pistol.

“He then ordered me to remove all my clothes. I was surprised and asked him why he was doing it considering that he was a relative.

“I then started crying. He told me that he would shoot and kill me if I continued crying. He then instructed me to go to his bedroom which is at the office.

“The accused then forced me to kneel down and open my mouth. He then asked me to suck his manhood whilst his gun was on my chest.

“He said he would shoot me if he counts three times before I suck his manhood. The accused then inserted his manhood into my mouth and started acting like he was enjoying sex.

“I then vomited and he asked me why I was vomiting. He asked me if it was my first time doing it.

“He then ejaculated on my face and asked me to swallow all the sperms saying no drop should go on the floor,” she said.

The 24-year-old also told the court that Simbarashe threatened to kill her if she revealed the ordeal to anyone.

She also told the court that she failed to take the matter to the police on the day she was sexually abused since Simbarashe reportedly took her to an unknown place where he kept her until October 28.

Magistrate Chikwekwe then dismissed Simbarashe’s application to challenge his placement on remand saying there was reasonable suspicion that he committed the offence.

Simbarashe was then remanded in custody to November 16 for his routine remand and was advised to report to the High Court for bail application.

But Simbarashe is expected to be back in court today with a different matter in which the State wants to confirm a warrant of arrest issued against him after his bail pending appeal on rape charges was dismissed.

Simbarashe, through his defence lawyer, admitted that his bail pending appeals at the High Court and Supreme Court were dismissed, but he claimed that he took the matter to the Constitutional Court.

Magistrate Hoseah Mujaya ordered Simbarashe to furnish the court with proof to prove that his matter was before the ConCourt.

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