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First Lady visits Kwekwe orphanages

By Prisca Manyiwa / Published on Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 15:52 PM / No Comments / 2119 views

10 January 2018


FIRST Lady, Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa, visited orphanages in Kwekwe yesterday and donated food to the children.

The first lady donated cartons of sugar, cooking oil, soap and other goodies to Maryward children’s home, St Alouis, Loreto and other children’s homes.

Addressing a gathering of school children, children from orphanages, parents and people from different organisations Amai Mnangagwa urged parents to take care of their children as the future of the nation was in their hands.

“Our prosperity as a nation is directly linked to our children’s upbringing so let us educate them, clothe them, feed them, protect them and love them,” she said.

The First Lady added that the quality of life children live determines the kind of adults they will become and she castigated child abuse.

“I believe that the quality of life children experience determines the type of adults they will turn up to be, whether in a normal family set up or a children’s home.”

She stressed that if these children are raised in high quality standards, they are unlikely to be abused in any way.

“Our desire is to raise independent, responsible, innovative and disciplined adults.

“The way people used to live long ago has been wiped away. Long ago people used to live as (closely knit-up) families and there were no such problems.

“Some parents abuse their children until they run away from home and they end up in orphanages, that is so painful,” she said.

Sister Elizabeth Gotora, who spoke on behalf of Maryward Children’s home, thanked the First Lady for remembering the vulnerable children.

“I would like to thank our First Lady for remembering our children because as a charity organisation we survive from handouts so we have been honoured,” she said.

The presentation of the goodies took place at Kwekwe Mining Museum.

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