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Footballer drags wife to court

By Tanyaradzwa Mamombe / Published on Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017 15:25 PM / No Comments / 2330 views

7 November 2017

Dominic Mukandi

NGEZI Platinum player Dominic Mukandi dragged his former wife to Harare Civil Court seeking protection.

Mukandi told the court that Marceline Nyarambi had a tendency of visiting his workplace insulting him.

He also said Nyarambi insults his parents blaming them for bewitching her.

The court also heard that Mukandi was suspended from work due to the chaos that was caused by Nyarambi.

“I do not want her to visit my workplace because she harasses me in front of people which caused my suspension from work.

“She insults me and my parents accusing them of bewitching her.

“She is no longer my wife but we have a child together,” he said.

In response, Nyarambi argued that she visited applicant’s workplace only to recover her property.

“I am surprised to be in this court today because we had talked and agreed to solve the matter peacefully.

“He owes me money and he has my property that’s all I want from him.

“I do not usually go to his workplace but his coaches visited me,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Lazine Ncube granted protection order in Mukandi’s favour.

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