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Girl pushes brother 2km to school

By Betty Chitsa / Published on Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 15:14 PM / No Comments / 2003 views

13 June 2018

A GUTU family is seeking help from the public for an 18-year-old disabled Kudakwashe Masunda who is being ferried to and from school in a wheelbarrow.

Kudakwashe’s mother abandoned him with his old grandmother who is also struggling to feed them.

Mrs Chiyaka, an English teacher at Rafamoyo Secondary School, said Kudakwashe started grade one at the age of 10 due his situation.

“Kudakwashe is being transported in a wheelbarrow to and from school by his sister who is in form three at the same school.

“The situation is so bad that they are failing to get to school on time.

“Kudakwashe is a student keen to learn, however, the hardships he faces in life have become a problem towards his education,” she said.

Chiyaka said the boy travels 2km every day to and from school.

“I appeal to anyone who could help Kudakwashe with a wheel chair and financial support to make his journey to school easier.

“On a wheelchair, he can push himself allowing his sister to rest a little rather than on a wheelbarrow whereby the sister has to the work throughout their journey to school.

“Their school fees is paid through BEAM but there are other needs because of his condition,” she said.

Chiyaka added

“Kudakwashe’s grandmother is a widow who doesn’t have any source of income to help her grandson.

“The mother’s whereabouts are not known but they suspect she is in Beitbridge where she used to work.

“She never communicates with the grandmother on how her children are surviving.

“She has five children from different fathers and she never makes effort to support her children.” Chiyaka said.

To those who are willing to help Kudakwashe they can contact Chiyaka on +263 773541162 or H-Metro on +263 716941861.

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