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Glen View 8 Complex fire: Solutions

By Zvikomborero Parafini / Published on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 16:55 PM / No Comments / 1982 views

28 June 2018

The Glen View 8 Home industry complex was gutted by a raging inferno destroying part of it to ashes leaving hundreds of entrepreneurs with no source of living.

This is not the first fire incident at the complex and H-Metro caught up with some of the stakeholders to suggest probable solutions to the recurring problem.

Lydia Gapiti who is a beer trader at the complex had her two refrigerators full of beer burnt.

She said there was need for restoration of order at the complex to ensure that flammable and non-flammable materials are separated.

“This makes the fire containable and there is also need to ensure proper time management so that everyone leaves the place at designated times as it is alleged that the fire started way after closing time.

“Muno hamuna order, ma rubber anokasira kubata moto ne machira zvinenge zviri pamwe chete, saka moto ukatanga haumisike uye hapana time yekuvhara. Vanosarira mukati ndivo vanozo konzera moto,” she said.

Nelson Dendera also spoke to H-Metro and revealed that he lost goods worth over $15 000 in the fire.

In his view, the complex requires proper management because it is apparent that there is no clear authority hence it is difficult to put people to order; he also added that there is need for government intervention to improve structures at the complex.

“Pano hapana anonyatsotonga anokwanisa kuisa vanhu mu order, panodiwa management inoronga kuti vanhu vomiswa sei, hatibhadhare rent tinongobhadhara mari ye ma guard. We call upon the government to assist us to construct fire proof buildings because we can’t afford them.”

When asked on the way forward, Dendera said, “Moving out is not a solution because this is my source of livelihood.

“I am already putting up another structure to restore my business even though I am aware that it may be gutted down by fire again.”

Knowledge Mvundura said there was no solution to the fire problems, but called on the responsible authorities to improve on security as well as to drill boreholes or avail piped water so that in the event of a fire breakout, they can be able to contain it since the fire brigade usually takes too long to arrive.

“There is no water at this place, despite that it is the fastest growing business complex in Harare.

“If there was water at this place we would have contained the fire immediately but we had to wait for the fire brigade to arrive and when they did they did not have adequate water to put out the fire.

“They went back to get the water,” said Mvundura.

He went on to explain that there was need to improve on the security of the area saying that there was no control of who enters and leaves the place.

“It is therefore difficult to establish the cause of the fires.

“Pano hapana gedhi kana fence to control who comes into the complex or who leaves.

“We call on the responsible authority to improve on security of the area,” added Mvundura.

Charity Mudavanhu who lost a sewing machine and materials worth $2000 said there was need to install fire points within the complex as well as to make fire extinguishers mandatory in the complex so that in the event of fire, it can be contained.

Mudavanhu however disputed what her colleague said that they should maintain the time to leave the area saying their clientele reaches as far as Plumtree so they are always under pressure to deliver sofas and beds. “Kupedza na 5 hakutoite nekuti basa rinenge rakawanda tine macustomer edu ari kuPlumtree anotipa basa rakawanda. Ukakasika kubva vana vanodyei?

“Chatinongokumbira ndechekuti tiisirwe ma fire alarm ne mafire points to alert us as soon as a fire breaks out.

“We also call on the management can make it mandatory to have a fire extinguisher to make it easier because fires are now a regular thing at our work area,” said Mudavanhu.

The Chief Security officer at the complex William Mayoyo said the complex was now overpopulated and called on the responsible authorities to assist in decongesting the area.

He implored traders to invest in insurance to get compensation for their goods lost in the event of a fire destroying their wares.

“The complex is now overpopulated so we call on either the Harare City Council or the ministry of Industry to help us decongest the area.

“We have requested them to help us acquire another piece of land but they have not assisted.

“There is need to separate our workshops from the showrooms so that in cases like these, some properties may be saved.

“We are not capacitated financially to be able to compensate the victims, but I urge all traders to invest in fire insurances as fires are now occurring every year at our complex,” said Mayoyo.

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