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By Charmaine Chasweka / Published on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 16:44 PM / No Comments / 1339 views

28 June 2018

‘We’ve lost everything’

. . . theories to cause of fire raised

SEVERAL theories to the Glen View 8 home industry inferno that destroyed property worth thousands of dollars have been propounded.

This is the fourth time property has been gutted by fire at the complex in less than five years.

H-Metro took a tour at the complex and interviewed the traders whose theories to the cause of the fire varied.

Canaan Kambarame, a disabled man who survives on selling foam rubbers and sofas was extremely despaired and unhappy as he shared his version of the story and concerns.

“There are just rumours around that the person or people responsible for the fire were just jealous of one of the traders here who brought about 30 000 foam rubbers yesterday so they wanted to fix him but it has cost not just him but all of us,” he said.

“Everything I had has just turned to ashes; there is no trace in my container that there were goods.

“I am very stressed at the moment and I don’t know what to tell my customers who had already paid for their rubber forms and sofas. I haven’t even contacted any of them as yet.

“There is no water here even if there is a fire next time; there is nothing much we can do except wait for the fire brigade to come to the rescue.

“I am disabled; my three children depend on me. I just don’t know where to from here,” said Kambarame.

Another woman, who asked to remain anonymous said that it could have been a mistake from one of the boys who smoke.

“There were guys who were smoking marijuana around the area where the fire started; they might have dropped a stub which caused the fire since no one really knows what happened,” she said.

Another affected trader, Dendera Nelson said the fire might have been a result of arguments and disagreements.

“There were people that side who had been having arguments, so the fire could have been caused by one of the people who wanted to spite the other.

“As you can see there are just ashes in my shop, everything was burnt.

“The main cause behind these fires that keep recurring is mostly because there is no order in this complex and the structures are really bad.

“The foam rubbers are very flammable and if the complex was well structured there should have been a section for them not in the middle of the complex.

“There is no guarantee that there won’t be more fires; there might and it will still destroy our stuff because the fire will easily spread if the foam rubber traders aren’t moved away from the centre of the complex.

“I have lost goods worth thousands of dollars,” he said.

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