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Gonyeti mocks Mai Titi

By Betty Chitsa / Published on Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 17:41 PM / No Comments / 5423 views

21 June 2018

COMEDIENNE Samantha ‘Gonyeti’ Kureya has dismissed allegations that they mocked fellow comedienne Mai Titi over her HIV status confession she made on Facebook in one of their skit with Magi titled Mvura Yakachena posted on YouTube.

Bus Stop TV posted a skit on YouTube whereby Gonyeti was advising Magi to stop crying over her ex-husband or mention things she did for me while they were still together and move on with her life.

This did not go well with some of their followers who believed it was directed at Mai Titi who had previously posted a video telling the world what she went through because of her ex-husband.

Mai Titi

“We’re not referring to amai Titi in that skit and would never do that to her because she is part of the family, we work together.

“People have been judging us wrongly and we embrace that as it is part of life and it will never stop us from achieving our dreams.

“The skit was only addressing those women who cry over their ex-boyfriends or husbands success failing to chase their goals,” she said.

Gonyeti added:

“As women we should be strong and learn to move on rather than giving men the impression that our lives revolve around them.

“People always have a kind of twisting events into what suits their imaginations, however, they comments really matter for our career.

“Mai Titi was a member of Drama queens and that made her our sister, so people should stop trying to create a rift between us with their comments.”

Below are the comments on you tube

Charisma Thomas 1 week ago

I have never disliked a video on youtube,this is my first time disliking a video.Its painful to see women degrading another woman.Gonyeti na Maggie makonewa apa and mandirwadziswa how would you feel if you were in mai tt ‘s situation?She wasnt crying over her money but her health was destroyed by that man.Mari unoshanda imwe oko hutano? My advice as long uchiri kufema usa seke situation ye umwe.

Molline Madhananga 1 week ago

musadaro askana apa matadza apa makudaro mai…..Gonyeti na Maggie

Gigiwachosoka UNCUT 1 week ago

Apa matayika 🙄

the one 1 week ago

Musanyeperwe kurasika hamuna girls!!! LOL makanyanya still still!! Futi wataura chokwadi kuti munhu anenge achiri tek tek naEx ane problem….

bre nda 1 week ago

Gonyeti ka

tatenda mbuwayesango 1 week ago

Delete this

fadzai juru 1 week ago

Apa mashaya apa muri vakadzi hamusi varume.Tmrw ndimi musadaro asikana mukadzi haaseke umwe mukadzi sezvamakuita izvi.Sekai zvimwe kwete mai tt

winnet Hakurotwi 2 weeks ago

Magariro a gonyet

Lizzy Munetsi 1 week ago

Apo murikutaura maitt

Mimmie Dee 1 week ago

Oh this is not good….

Erica Mapfumo 2 weeks ago

Musadaro ana gonyeti kwayakananga ndakuona hangu

The 3rd _Note 1 week ago

Matengwa nababa tt here muchenjere kuzadzwawo

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