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Harare potholes worrisome

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Wednesday, 28 Dec 2016 16:21 PM / No Comments / 880 views

28 December 2016


The Harare City Council has been criticised for its failure to repair potholes on many roads, endangering lives of many road users.

The potholes have gotten worse in this rainy season and the city fathers continue to watch as the roads continue to deteriorate.

Councillors spoke of the need to have potholes repaired in a recent full council meeting.

Though the case in point was of the area near OK Mart in Eastlea, it was said that there are several roads where potholes are now a permanent feature.

“It was the committee’s view that if the director of works (Engineer Phillip Pfukwa had no resources, the potholes could be filled up with gravel as the road was now being avoided by motorists due to its bad state therefore causing traffic congestion along Chiremba Road,”

Engineer Pfukwa is on record saying that the city “is failing to adequately deal with potholes owing to financial challenges.”


He (Eng Pfukwa) said the city was “currently we are doing all we can in terms of pothole patching.

“We are having a problem with resources.”

In next year’s budget, US$9,7 million will go towards the funding of activities which include roads rehabilitation.

“Zinara would disburse US$1,3 million towards the upkeep of the City’s roads. Seventy percent (or US$910 000) of this account was meant for preservation maintenance.

“The committee (Environmental Management Committee) reiterated the need for the Director of Works to also consider roads in the suburbs as well as provide the length of the roads attended to in his future reports,” added the report.

Part of Engineer Pfukwa’s target on the rehabilitation works will include “re-working the top 150mm layer of the existing failed road pavement additional gravel base layers before surfacing or re-working the top 150mm layer of the existing failed road pavement and then surfacing or application of asphalt concrete overlay (30/40 mm) on top of the existing surface after extensive potholes and crack sealing.


“Preservation maintenance are intervention measures undertaken after elapse of a certain period-like five or seven years-to preserve the integrity of the riding surface.

“These, for paved road for instance, are normally in the form of a surface rejuvenation treatment like single seal (spray and chip) or slurry seal,” read the minutes.

But before Engineer Pfukwa and his team finish on their target, the roads remain death traps.

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