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Harare workers offered stands

By Munyaradzi Doma / Published on Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 17:57 PM / No Comments / 1947 views

13 October 2016

. . . 15 grades owed April salaries

Cllr Peter Moyo
Cllr Peter Moyo

The Harare City Council is considering giving its workers stands as compensation for their outstanding salaries, a recent council meeting heard.

It was during Tuesday’s full council meeting that Councillor Wilton Janjazi said there had been a rumour that city fathers were considering giving stands so as to clear the huge salary backlog.

“There is rumour we are hearing that we are trying to compensate salaries with stands, what is the position because we have been hearing this for some time, within the corridors of council.

“At times council employees would come to us asking us in terms of councillors, saying are you going to be giving us land, where, to clear our salaries, what is really the position,” asked Cllr Janjazi.

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni then said the move had to be well calculated because the value of stands differs so it had to be well planned to avoid chaos.

Cllr Janjazi
Cllr Janjazi

Councillor Hebert Gomba then said the city’s “technocrats” would find a way of how it can work because “indeed the salary gap should be cleared your worship.

“Your worship other cities have done it, hurumende takaona ikuda kuzviita, so because of our challenges in paying our workers salaries, we cannot let this continue, let’s just allow the officials to ensure that whatever they see possible and comes for approval to this house can be approved.

“Because if they do that and they give us US$10 000 as the Environment Management Committee for diesel it will go a long way in service delivery.

“Let’s be honest enough that if there are stands which we can give our workers and they will accept your worship it will be a positive development for our city your worship.

“All your concerns your worship our technocrats will use their expertise to deal with that, what we just want to see is to see our workers happy, so I think let’s do this,” said Cllr Gomba.
Councillor Gomba then said it was better to give the land to its workers thereby clearing the huge backlog than for the land to be invaded by land barons.

“Your worship it is better we give the land to our workers because as we speak, as we are still battling to decide, land barons are looking for an opportunity to invade any land possible,” added Cllr Gomba.
Chairperson of the Human Resources Committee Councillor Wellington Chikombo said as the HR committee they were “unhappy” with the current situation bedeviling city workers.

“We are trying to come up with ways, ways which are morally and financially acceptable on how can we take our employees from the current challenges and one of the ways is the way which has been said by Cllr Janjazi which is obviously still coming from a rumour but which I think very soon is going to be very factual.

“Of course we are still at a stage where we are consulting with the critical constituencies and also we are discussing these issues through the acting Town Clerk and her team in the works council,” said Cllr Chikombo.

Councillor Chikombo when quizzed by Mayor Manyenyeni how they were going to do it, he said “we will cross the river when he get to the river, as of now we are feeling the temperatures, what is feasible, what is permissible, that’s why I’m saying morally acceptable or financially acceptable.

“But obviously the bottom line of this matter is that we are not happy with the current situation, the lack of moral, lack of motivation in our employees, obviously is a cause for concern and we are calling on everyone, every councillor to put our shoulders on the wheel to make sure that we increase our revenue,” added Cllr Chikombo.

Councillor Peter Moyo then said he had thought the issue of strategies to clear workers’ salaries was over and done with.

“Ndirikutoshaya kuti nyaya yemasalaries yamuri kubhwereketa muno isu takaisa resolution ndofunga mwedzi wapera paseri kuti chitorai mastands amurikugadzira aya mupe vashandi vavolunteeer.

“Your worship through you to the Town clerk, we want you to deal with these issues on your own as they are purely administrative, musauya kwatiri endai monopedzerana nevashandi venyu mouya moreporter kwatiri kuti hatichisina chikwereti nomushandi kana mumwe,” said Cllr Moyo.

Human Capital Director Dr Cainos Chingombe said that for grades 1-15 they were still paying April salaries but they were up to date with grade 16 salaries.

He said they will continue trying to clear the arrears as revenue inflows increase.

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