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Haunted by misfortune

By Charmaine Chasweka / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 19:13 PM / No Comments / 2547 views

12 June 2018


‘. . . my bad luck is no coincidence’

Catherine Mambo has a nine-year-old son whose right leg will be amputated if she does not get at least $1000 urgently.

Add a mentally challenged husband and seven other children who look up to her for education and survival and you find a 45-year-old woman who lost in a dark tunnel.

The vagabond curse that haunts her family has no mercy.

Her intense desperation to save her son’s leg has turned her into a charity case as she constantly seeks for ANY sort of help.

She can barely contain her emotions as she scatters the pictures her boy’s leg on an H-Metro desk.

As she begins to share her ordeal tears tumble down her cheeks.

“This problem began last year in August when my son Nakai sprained his leg.

“After a certain period it got swollen and that’s when we took him to Parirenyatwa Hospital where the doctor told us there was nothing wrong with the leg.

“Surprisingly the following day he woke up with the same leg dripping water and looking like it had been burnt.”

With the help of her sister and ZBC, the mother of eight recently managed to raise $250 which was needed for consultation at Pari from where they were referred to Harare hospital.

“The doctor said that he needs to get in theatre immediately before the infection spreads.

“But the problem is I cannot afford it. They want $500 to buy the bone cement needed for the operation and another $500 for it to take place.”

Having travelled from Dande where she and her family reside, Catherine has exhausted all her resources to save her little boy.

“I came to Harare with Nakai last year when the problem started and we have been staying with my sister ever since.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore or where to get the money from,” she said, more tears swelling in her eyes.

“I have become a visitor in my home as I am hardly ever there. I visit the rest of my children in Dande when I can.

“I cannot go back there and keep travelling back and forth to Harare with Nakai as he constantly needs medical attention from the hospital.”

In the middle of pouring out her misfortunes she tracks back to 2011, a year she spent in hospital after she got burnt on both her thighs.

Catherine, who has also buried one of her children, believes her misfortunes are more than a series of mere coincidence, it is spiritual!

She recalls how she got burnt.

“I spent a whole year in hospital after a primus stove burst whilst I was cooking.

“I have scars all over my body. I couldn’t walk or do anything as the burns were severe, I was partially paralysed for an entire year.

“A prophet once told me that things will get worse back then after I had lost my baby.”

In 1997, Catherine lost her baby to burns as well.

“Just after supper, I was sleeping in between my two daughters the older one who is now married and the late one during that night.

“The candle was lit as I would constantly wake up to check on the baby.

“I laid her in bed as I breastfed her and it was then that sleep got the best of me, what happened after that I don’t know.

“I only remember getting awakened up by someone who was dressed in all white, the picture was vague, I don’t know if it was a male or female, but the person said muka uone zvhaita mwana, I ignored it only to be awakened again by the same voice saying the same thing.

“It is only then that I opened my eyes only to see that the candle had switched off, I reached out for the baby and to my surprise she was nowhere to be found.

“I started panicking and opted to look for the matches rather which I never found.

“I then looked up to the door and saw fire burning. I approached the door, still in the middle of looking for the matchbox that’s when I touched something only to realise it was my baby’s head.”

She had died from burns, burns from a fire that never burnt anything else except the baby.

“I have gone from prophet to prophet seeking for help and they only say someone is using my family.

“I know who is doing it but I cannot say their names,” she said.

“I am pleading with anyone who is going to read this, please help. I am lost, ndapererwa.

“I wish I could work but I can’t because every time I get in the sun my scars from the burns I had hurt a lot which makes it difficult for me to even work in the garden.”

“To anyone who is willing to help me in any way please contact me on this number 0779 726 954, Maria Chizu, my sister’s number: 0772 478 954. Account number 1144980 Barclays Bank. If there is even a doctor who can help please I beg you, help us out.”

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