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Help Tapiwa fight cancer

By Online Desk / Published on Thursday, 29 Dec 2016 20:43 PM / No Comments / 2092 views

29 December 2016


Tapiwa Sachiti, a 23-year-old young woman diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Osteoblastoma, is appealing for help to get surgery before the cancer spreads to her vitals.

Her long fight against cancer, whose campaign has been running since early 2016, continues.

The 23-year-old needs funds for an operation urgently and has a Facebook Page with all the details on the link
Tapiwa once spoke about her condition,

“The swelling on the left knee is getting worse and pain is increasing now and again. I rarely sleep at night due to unbearable pain so l usually try sleeping during the day.

Walking is becoming more difficult and instead of one crutch I have been advised to use two to avoid spinal damage.

Also the medication that l was given is now weak so I need stronger meds now but the doctors aren’t willing to give due to fear of being addicted to the stronger stuff.

So now I’m trying to cut down my dosage so that I don’t become depended on them. It is hard because the pain is bad, but it’s a mind versus body thing.

However, l have started pain management therapy through meditation and it is still in the early stages so it’s very difficult to completely disregard medication.

My spams are getting more frequent and severe. Apart from the knee pain l am now suffering from reflux (nyon’o) and flatulence (gas) due to too much medication as confirmed by the doctor.

“On the good side I’m still in high spirits and still very prayerful, believing that God will do it for me,” she said.

Despite many movements to get funding for Tapiwa, she still needs more funds to afford treatment.

Donations can be sent to:

BANK: CBZ Robert Mugabe
ACC NAME: Tapiwa Sarah Sachiti
ACC NUMBER: 68561325780015
ECOCASH: +263 785 587 070

She can also be contacted on +263 778 240 825

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