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Hookers rob kombi driver

By Nyore Madzianike / Published on Monday, 10 Oct 2016 16:26 PM / No Comments / 924 views

10 October 2016
TWO hookers plying their trade in Harare’s Avenues area were arrested after they allegedly robbed a commuter omnibus driver of all the cash he had worked for the day.

He had approached one of them for a sex session.

Talent Tarwirei and Brenda Msipa were taken to the Harare magistrate court facing robbery charges.

The two are standing accused of robbing Blessing Muzeka of US$250.

State counsel, Idah Maromo-Mateke, had it that on October 4 this year Blessing decided to quench his sex appetite and went to Lido Court located at the corner of Seventh Street and Selous Avenue.

The 27-year-old kombi driver approached Talent before they settled for US$5 for him to enjoy her services.

Reports are that whilst they were in ‘session’, Talent told Blessing that his manhood was taking long to erect and suggested oral sex.

Afterwards, Talent reportedly demanded US$50 from Blessing saying she had given him some extras on her ‘menu’.

Blessing is said to have refused paying the US$50 saying they had agreed for only US$5 for the services.

The court heard that whilst the two were busy quarrelling over the amount, Brenda and her friend who were sleeping on the other bed got up.

Brenda and her friend, who is still at large, are said to have demanded US$100 threatening to undress Blessing and kick him out of the room.

Out of fear, Blessing is said to have offered US$10.

But the trio turned down his offer and started to search him and took his US$250.

Talent, Brenda and their friend reportedly stormed out of the room, got into a red Honda Fit and drove away.

Blessing is said to have tried to give a chase using his kombi but he failed to catch up with them.

He then went to the lodge a complaint with the police.

Police then went around the Avenues area and caught up with the Honda Fit, which was dropping some women who later on helped to locate Talent and Brenda.

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