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By Praise Masvosva / Published on Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 19:36 PM / No Comments / 3039 views

11 October 2017

Hosiah Chipanga

SUNGURA musician Hosiah Chipanga believes he still has a lot to offer despite being called a spent force.

Chipanga, who was one of yesteryear’s finest sungura musicians, is criticised for his lyrics believed to be laden with political innuendos.

The Kwachu Kwachu hit- maker, who is now concentrating more on his church Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired Institution (MAPIPI), told this publication that attendance at his shows are poor.

“I am spending much of my time at church preaching the word of God.

“My church is not attracting a lot of people because of the political party which I recently formed.

“People don’t want to be associated with politics so that’s why the church is not expanding.

“At my church, I now have about 50 congregants,” said Chipanga.

“Political songs really affected me because many people now think I am supporting opposition parties at the expense of the ruling party.

“My songs just educate and entertain people in these trying times.”


Chipanga conceded her had fallen on hard times which prompted him to relocate to his rural home.

“I am staying at my rural home where I am into subsistence farming. This year, we got a lot of maize and we just need relish.

“I can’t complain and we preparing for another rainy season.

“When I get shows in and around Mutare I will pocket something that sustains the family.”


On his relationship with the late Cephas Mashakada’s family which he pledged to assist when the Sounds of Muddy Face leader died, Chipanga said:

“I am still in touch with the family though it has been a while without hearing from them.

“I still work with some of the band members of the late Mashakada who I used to share a lot with.

“The likes of Chibage and Salt among others seek advices from me.”


On his plans before the last quarter of 2017, Chipanga said he was due to release his 27th album.

“As you know, my 26th album did not do well and it did not get air play because of its lyrics.

“I am planning to release a single as a way of announcing my return. The song will be talking about Ten Commandments.

“I have been longing to drop this song but producers were stopping me indicating that it will be too long.

“The song will be just a preamble of my forthcoming album due for release next year.”


While Chipanga is stuttering in his career, he still believes he can still sing as long as he is alive.

“Ini handiperi and I won’t shelve my guitars. I will be preaching the word of God and I promise to deliver interesting songs which sinks into the mind of all music lovers.

“To me music is a calling so I won’t quit singing.

“The situation might be tough but I will continue to soldier on. Zvinomborema but I won’t give up easily,” he said.

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